Work From Home

Ismael had a runout time as missing, and his friends decided that we had to do something. Something that will never forget. The hand of Nestea, have created a campaign with friends his family to somehow send a message: leave on Twitter! It recovers your life! And they will make it big. If you expect at the end of the spot, what will have ready? Definitely something big. ISMA (real name of @elbicharraco, previously nicknamed Jack Torrance, as the protagonist of the shining, novel and subsequent film of which chose your avatar) is one of the large twitstars, people who without a prior public relevance, have managed to bring together thousands and thousands of followers simply for his witty comments, his good humor, his sincerity hers are phrases as large as never leave a zombie to take the initiative in a discussion. Not to eat you the head., work from home.

Today it is a luxury, for those who have work from home. And House, try to do all the voices of Bohemian Rhapsody in the shower and that walked among them who have managed to even have his Facebook group with the fan effect. At the moment everything seems to indicate that Isma has not detached from Twitter, if not that even his friends have been forced to do one to get his attention. @gikajavi: have not managed to shit. I Yes, that yourselves a Twitter account. HIJOSDEPUTA. NESTEA rejoins fashion campaigns in social networks, like so many other companies, that every day use their Twitter accounts to offer their products. Furthermore, the announcement of Nestea recalls deeply to other campaigns of Aquarius (without the sentimental touch) seeking a true story from which build his campaign, this time from a much more humorous point of view.

Internet Dating

The Internet provides its users with many unique features, all of whom recently took place dating. Dating as a business and personal, to talk about certain subjects, or to engage the necessary contacts for the job – all this and much more is possible thanks to the Internet. Network raises the possibility of dating a new level. What above all is characteristic of the Internet? Of course, high interactivity, plus the possibility of communication between people who live a considerable distance from each other! This is qualitatively different network services from traditional dating. Last chance to get acquainted only give people living in a particular area (in fact, did you not go to another city just to get to know someone, who knows?). Communication is through online dating and virtual dating service gives all participants in an important advantage – the opportunity to know people in the process of networking and only then, in the case of mutual interest, to meet in person.

Thus, there is no need to "buy a pig in a poke" – Meet with the person about whom you know nothing. Of course, there are certain groups of people using anonymity in such services dating to throw out their negative emotions, causing some inconvenience to others. However, the possibility of running into a bad man is great not only in the virtual acquaintance, but in a more traditional communication. Deterrent to live communion is the opinions of others (In fact, while in public, many are a bit more civilized, than the network). Such methods should be used in virtual dating services: for example, the use of offensive language is punishable by almost all dating sites, chat rooms, forums, etc. In addition, a public boycott of the person who does not understand the allusions, is almost inevitable. Dating online is good because they give the opportunity to meet many people. In ordinary life, we do not often change some space of our lives – work, university or school, well, let a couple of the most visited places such as cafes, etc.

Break out from the hard, especially when few friends support your initiative, further expansion of the dating is problematic. Virtual dating service allows you to break this vicious circle. In this initial stage of dating (the most difficult) will be much easier. After all, both men, communicating through a dating site, located in a familiar environment to them – for example, at home. Occurring at the same time a sense of looseness and calm can help even people very shy by nature. However, dating online is not only limited to personal, entertainment sphere. Internet is widely used for contacts, work-related. Business dating online are enormous advantages. Opportunity to find a buyer, or artist, or required specialist as soon as possible – this is characteristic only for the network. Traditional search methods, such as staff, do not give such savings time. Again, it becomes much easier way to find a job (or worker), even in another city. And the issue of placing an appropriate announcement is solved much easier than in the case, for example, labor exchanges or newspapers. However, familiarity and communication on the Internet in any case not a substitute for personal contact. As a method of virtual acquaintance has its own domain of existence, but it should not become a universal substitute for all other methods.

Visionary Of Peace

The plan de Dios sonnet ensures happy Diners well sumo, remedy for their ills, Adventures of love and power Saboreado in dishes of knowledge. Sharing with being immortal like God’s Angels spiritual body and soul without other necessary, God’s eternal life is your pleasure. Divine sublimates the senses body and soul enjoy insubstantial in the Party of God, endless. Humanity, the assembled angels and one only love all United, o eternity, divine and adorable! Admission to paradise sonnet Ni never blooms and neither dares and the good fruit on their branches or appoints him, it is only the bad tree complaint when it rains and winter in summer not amazes him. She likes the Sun and water is drunk to bear good fruit and good shade, good tree grows as it should and the traveler you like, Dios is surprised. Or like the birds to nest, to the view that grows twisted belongs without doubt to the trash! And the good tree nursery that you enjoy forever blessed, ensures it opened to paradise with! haste! The truth without error sonnet is mistake the truth not well known absolute and perfect not understood, never understand his full understanding neither senses nor human thought.

The spiral truth of each thing and allegorical rose petals, incredible Garden by flourish partial light when it begins to dawn. Oh beauty truth and tottering splendor allegory and poetry by hiding the magic that I suspect! Vision of love, total wisdom, meet the fate thou shalt make a fact, come perfect whatsoever to our chest!! Blessed peace on Earth sonnet earth mother of five continents, America, shares their sources! All colors beautiful light will tell you, bold and beautiful peace. Birds that so many people find and thousands peace in thousand currents, lights under the Sun all the Earth with a cry of peace against the war. When it wins peace no one becomes irritated and terror moves away and it banishes, see victory and raise your flag! Freedom and equity, glow colors, Will be the reality that the world screams human dignity and its values! Homage to the Earth sonnet homage to the land that sanctuary is low Groove, seeds of Rosary and Orchestra of the space itself-flat, great Hercules, the Sun Constellation. Mother Earth which pairs in the agro human life which is all a great miracle, spontaneous in the fields without control or at the bottom of the sea without mirasol. Child your sing do re me that to date, it lives only here, consents to the man with the adverse wind. Your small greatness is a great verse from life than the he made and done in thee, God lives, as much of the universe!


The environment is very important for child development, so the selection of furniture for the nursery should be emphasized. We have not distinguished children’s furniture for boys and girls separately, all the furniture suitable for children of either sex. In general, if you decide to buy baby furniture, bed or cupboard, the choice will make you happy. Our shop offers a children’s room furniture to suit all tastes and budgets. Sale of children’s furniture is very intense, so range is constantly updated. Here you can find a set of baby furniture is purchased separately, or one of the elements that make up children’s furniture: a bed dresser unique cabinet-tower, etc.

Features of children Children’s furniture modular furniture made without sharp edges and therefore safe for children. All items are covered with laminate and scratch-resistant, easy to clean upholstery. Unlike adults, children’s furniture can be any color and any form. For the children want the best, but sometimes the prices on baby furniture make you think. Forget about it. Now you have the opportunity to buy furniture from top manufacturers at affordable prices.

Children furniture online is the ability to purchase goods without nakrutok that make a regular store. In addition, there are more ways to save money, so, baby furniture wholesale cost you significantly less than in retail. And if your family has two children, you can do without wholesale: Children’s furniture for two children will cost less than one. Loft bed – is compact and easy to use, like a child to climb on it, and the duplication of all other pieces of furniture will create a room for two cozy and will highlight each of their children’s zone.

Celebrating Christmas

The students of Nemomarlin () are counting the days to find next Friday December 17 with Santa Claus himself. And it is that with very special visit all venues scattered throughout our country of this renowned brand will celebrate the arrival of Christmas. We already have everything ready so that Santa Claus arrives in your pulled sleigh with reindeer and is found with all our boys and girls, as well as their families, and spend a time of more endearing. A few months ago we got in touch with him through a letter that we sent to the North Pole to bring it with us and immediately responded us that he was happy to come to Nemomarlin, explains Hector Diaz Reimondez, Managing Director of the network of nursery schools. During special open day will be in schools both children and their parents and grandparents. The teachers and children will be costumed, waiting for Santa Claus to enter to give them a nice gift (a book that previously brought each potato to school and he has wrapped).

Also in each classroom a plastic activity, will be so that parents can see how to work in classrooms with children. Without saying that the children will be elated by this great party and costumes, but above all for being with Santa Claus and their families in the classroom in which spend their day to day. After the activity, there will be a snack for everyone, says Ana Gamo, Coordinator of the Ensign. Also note that all Nemomarlin schools will be decorated for such a grand occasion and visit with the crafts that have been made during the month of December. There will also be a special surprise for parents, where the picture of the face of their children will be Santa Claus and mother Noel and in the case of babies in small angels. So may it be carried home, as remembrance of the passing of their son for Christmas in Nemomarlin, ends Ana Gamo.

Jose Antonio

-DIME Miguelito far more exciting whats? The most dramatic is when the boss me communicates you played palaces, i.e. when it communicates that I operate is intense, boundless, you muted, it hypnotizes you, me left me silent, static and the more exciting when I opened my eyes in the ICU and discover that it was already operated do understand Jose Antonio?, sorry I’m crying is that – No, No, quiet Miguelito, I understand the excitement – he said the Cure – to discover my dressings, I knew that was operated and I wanted to scream and screamed, giving alive to God, doctors nurses I looked surprised, was my promised land father, it was my salvation, my second rebirth, my third birth – if Miguelito I understand, I’m glad there say that you are very brave is? Not for nothing, is a generous compliment from the human point of view, strokes of bravery and courage were Morales, were in the inner fortress, I rejected not the pain, assuming it, accepted it, is inevitable, it is a reality, you have to live with that suffering, I know by my Christian formation, that God allows pain and suffering while respecting our freedomthe causes of my tragedy were errors and human horrors, not divine punishment, nor payment of any sin, I trusted, had faith – is true it faltered – in the end the pain I used to ponder my existence, matured and strengthened my ethical growth and spiritual, of course I cried, I confess that we suffered a lot, not only me, but the entire family, which wanted to throwing in the towel, even already working at 50% of what normally worked, it depressed me, screaming, but that instinct of the sacred me reassuring, was a long struggle lasts, Dios do exist? He dared to ask, where is God?, he exclaimed often, it is not easy to father but maybe there had some courage. -How well Miguelito? It is a courage and great courage, accepting suffering and not reject it, is courage to recognize that the drama is because of you, in my case the not I realize that he was ill, therefore having received transfusions in 1989, there was the danger of being infected by the Hepatitis C Virus like that so it was finally. Is courage to use this long martyrdom, Calvary and grief, to meditate, to your self assessment and even convert you is courage spend months and years, suffering in waiting list, where each time that it sounded like the phone, biological tissues and spiritual is disarmed easy speak, write, advise but go live it and accepts all this!, it is very difficult, and to do this you need inner strength, courage, that only gives you the faith – think the nurse wants to talk about us – Jose Antonio – Si, father told me, is my drugs – well Miguelito, pray a dozen time, rests and returns to society with that faith..

Bay Baby

It also contains calendar and events.Daily baby is the perfect gift for people who have to make a gift to a newborn, or a child by your next birthday or communion.Takes note, the best gift between all attendees will be yours.Something more than four and a half million births occurred it is Spain in 2009 and despite being a lower figure than the newborn during the year 2008, 5% less, remains a very significant number that guarantees the survival of many commercial activities that have to do with newborns as gift shop for babies, nursery shops, pharmaceutical products for babies, children and fashion a long list of products and services designed to meet the needs of babies.In this 2010 with the withdrawal of the check baby, the tax increase, and continuity during this year of the nagging crisis that we suffer, is likely to think that the birth rate will suffer a further decline as it did in the past year in relation to the previous, but despite everything, the sector of gifts of baby seems to continue to keep that as that happens at weddingsthey are still many people who contract marriage or that give birth to a newborn.Be observed that many Popes for, and according to the current economic situation, having a baby is not a problem and they face charges in the best way. The search for offers and white markings that replaced some products traditionally positioned in the sector, is one of the strategies used by new families, although there is a great concern for the results, since it’s our baby that we want the best.For couples who choose marriage also is a challenge to organize your wedding in the midst of an economic crisis that keeps us at Bay at all. During 2009 there were is Spain 15% less of matrimonial links against figures for 2008. .

IAS Infections

European Parliament draft legislation against contagion hospital room session of Parliament (full text of the paper on Prevention of infections in patients in hospitals) related infections healthcare (IAS) are among the causes of unintentional injury more frequent and more devastating, and not financial increases in health care, nothing is changed. Studies of the European Commission can confirm that aim to reduce by 20 annually adverse effects, since the methods of infection control and perfectly mastered and put into practice quickly. Infections related to health care cause 37,000 deaths, approximately every year. It is important therefore indicate a reduction target that the Member States to achieve by 2015. It is important that citizens who have suffered damage attributable to inadequacies in health care receive adequate compensation.Elderly people with weaker immune systems are more likely to contract diseases and hospital outcome should be ensured as in the case of young person. It is necessary to improve surveillance systems to provide more complete data with regard to IAS. 8700 nurses are needed specialist nurses in infection control. The optimum ratio is one nurse for every 250 IAS hospital beds, to improve patient safety. In the new Member States, many victims do not know their rights, and therefore no compensation due to them or who should pay. The patient must know specifically who is responsible and why. Should be strengthened training of health personnel to properly use single use items and their own protection. Health workers are exposed every day to infections that could be fatal and can transmit infection to other patients and abroad.Maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness, hygiene and, if necessary, asepsis of all materials with which patients are in contact. The virus resistance to antibiotics is a major cause of nosocomial infections and should be a dominant theme in the solid and continuous training of all personnel working in health systems. It is very important that patients are protected against MRSA. The fact of living nearby, the design of buildings, different types of medication, the wounds caused by pressure and catheter use of these places make ideal centers for the emergence and spread of MRSA and other infections. The infection usually spread through the hands of healthcare workers and others who are in contact with infected patients or surfaces located nearby. The medical and paramedical personnel may become a possible vehicle of transmission of these AIs.Member States must, therefore, to ensure the absence of disease ( “not harming”) both staff and patients. It is important to develop appropriate vaccination campaign staff. It is essential to ensure that patients receive full information about risks, safety standards and measures implemented to prevent errors and hospital infections. It is therefore important to regularly organize information campaigns using different media types. Consideration should be given healthcare applications of nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanostructures in the construction of hospitals.


From under which the pipe? The initial use of the pipe can tell a lot about the buyer about its condition, but a full picture of it will not. In this lies the possibility of error when choosing or buying b / u tube blindly. If you can not see b / y pipe, the preliminary impression of the pipe can be obtained by comparing the bid price using the original b / y pipe. About: if the pipe is out of gas in the "average" is 18 000 rubles / ton., out of oil – 16000 rubles / ton, and from under the water 14 000 rubles / ton, if offered anything less, it is probably worse than the "average", and vice versa. With regard to the purchase b / a Pipe. Everything would be much easier, if not a huge number of intermediaries, which are very strongly attracted by the aftermarket pipes. Here the market can be divided into three groups.

The first group – people (organizations) that are directly owned b / a of pipeline (b / a branch, w / a whip), or they themselves with the contractors dismantling the pipe, and typically sell it to the field (from the disassembly). Accordingly, buying a tube of these people, you buy a tube of "first hand", and hence there and the price is lowest. The second group – is an infinite number of intermediaries, which tend to have information about the tube, but goes so far to go watch the tube, so as not to buy a "pig in a poke", they say that the pipe can not see, Referring to a photo, or that the pipe from the gas, and bad it can not be. In fact, it is not true, and sometimes arrived at the place of dismantling, you will see quite frankly, "scrap metal" instead of the promised ideal tube.


Sometimes the direct question about the amount of down payment sufficient for verdict, "We are not going to work." This is a classic example of a firm's one-day, receiving income from applicants who "have paid for training on how to run a company," and then "work", inviting more and more "students" to even justify the amount invested. Be careful and do not be fooled. We will call you back. This phrase can be heard quite often. Sometimes it's just a veiled form of denial. However, it is possible that the employer does need time, especially if it's casting. Feel free to elaborate on what kind of time to wait for a call. Suppose you call at least a tentative date.

On the following day for the designated in the absence of promise ring call themselves. Remind them who you are and on what occasion was treated politely and ask, whether already known result. One of two things: either you will be told the result of an interview or to answer evasively. Solicit appoint a new date for re-call. Anyway, do not stop looking in anticipation of the result: it can be negative, and you're wasting your time.

Better that you should be able to choose from. Maybe you do not immediately achieve success. But do not be discouraged. No wonder they say that the road by walking. Negative experience – it is also the experience. Think of failed attempts as a waste material, and not as a defeat. In conversations with friends at once cut off the negative, do not keep talking about how it is difficult to find a job. Nothing but sadness, this talk will not let you. Do not neglect the one-off part to stabilize the financial situation. If you understand that means to an end, and jobs are needed not, it might make sense to agree to a temporary job, the more that experience to go and look you already have. The specifics of my work is now (I work nurse in the family and children rapidly growing), what to look for a new place I have every year – three. The main thing – do not be afraid. Scary only for the first time, believe me.