Responsible Freedom

February 25th, 2014

One of the basic ingredients of the responsible freedom are the respect to the rights of the others, that consists of fulfilling its duties stops with them, without feeling themselves coerced, restrained or tolhide for nobody in the use of the freedom, but only for its conscience, personal autonomy, interior freedom. Therefore, it is not […]

Jequitib Culture

February 22nd, 2014

It is land of a glad and hospitable, full people of expectations with the growth, people poet and with musicada soul, marking always with creativity of details all the festividades of its calendar. In more recent times, it is dated of day seven of July of 1991, diverse gifts local authorities and of other cities, […]

Internet Time

February 20th, 2014

Internal recruiters too much time and money spent on advertising vacancies. Is there any feedback from the publication of vacancies in major business publications at a price hundreds of dollars per unit? I doubt it … The fishermen know that catfish are not caught by the network. For them to hunt the special methods. Even […]

Industry Equipment

February 14th, 2014

Well, except that our pure, Russian method – a fist on the equipment! Well this is a joke. Almost. Next step we can assume the appearance of complex tm "Granite". This was a complex computer information. He had his own computer, fast and permanent memory, monitors for information display. Specially created for him software, and […]

3 Tips To Learn English

February 12th, 2014

If you are of those who have put in his head idea that wrong it does not I can learn English by which is very difficult; well now it is time to change; We will help you to convince you that if you can, that your just your friends, coworkers, boss, neighbors and so many […]


February 6th, 2014

It is first necessary to understand the workings of your mind. Your mind is formed by all the past experiences and knowledge registered in your memory. It is very similar to a computer. You have there a mass of knowledge stored there that has formed the personality as you’re. It all started when you were […]

Translator Online

February 6th, 2014

The desire for mechanical devices as translators of different languages is already old. Already existed well before the invention of the computer, in the 17TH century the idea of the creation of a universal language based on logical principles and iconic symbols that would communicate to all mankind. This aspect was to use a mechanical […]