Jequitib Culture

It is land of a glad and hospitable, full people of expectations with the growth, people poet and with musicada soul, marking always with creativity of details all the festividades of its calendar. In more recent times, it is dated of day seven of July of 1991, diverse gifts local authorities and of other cities, the illustrious folclorista Frei Chico- great singer, composer and entertainer Saulo Laranjeira and its numerous caravan, gifts also, the ambassadors of the mining folklore of Jose Teixeira and its Maz wife; great team of photographers and cinegrafistas; you still represent the diverse segments of the popular culture, represented for groups of the localities, professors, colleges student, folcloristas. Mayor de Jequitib- Geraldo Saturnine Antonio and representatives of the local administration, all these, for unamimity, had proclaimed Frei Chico as Governor of the Mining State of the Folklore and divulgador lieutenant governor of the cultural roots, the singer Saulo Laranjeira. They had been these ' ' majestades' ' that later they had nominated officially, the city however in focus, was recognized as Capital Miner of the Folklore. City this that was first, that the news is had to acquire this heading in Minas Gerais. Thus you vary had been the soerguidas manifestations, many of this still in prominence in the calendar of festividades of Jequitib. With the officialization of this heading, the jequitibaense people felt itself honored so that, for the recognition and valuation of its culture, He more saw each time pledged in the propagation and revitalizao of this folclrica History. Today, great parts of the manifestations the same survive with brightness and creativity, but with modernity others spaces had been appeared, data wing to the participation of youth, as for example, the FestiVelhas that adds all the artistic groups of the city and region. An open window to the eyes of who search quality, beauty, joy and sensitivity of a simple and diligent people.

Internet Time

Internal recruiters too much time and money spent on advertising vacancies. Is there any feedback from the publication of vacancies in major business publications at a price hundreds of dollars per unit? I doubt it … The fishermen know that catfish are not caught by the network. For them to hunt the special methods. Even throwing the biggest, expensive and long chain somewhere in the ocean, you are unlikely to catch swordfish.

These fish bypass your network. And it is unlikely they are found where you put your network. Advertisements in the press – is a network of fish that walks shoals of herring, cod, etc. The best experts rarely peck on your ads. No personal contact will draw them not … What do I do? It should spend less time on placement, tracking and responding to advertisements, and more time initiate personal contact with people who, as a conductor, can put you on the best experts. Internal recruiters are too obsessed with the theory: human resource management, testing, various psychological and techniques such as NLP okolopsihologichekih etc.. They are much more aware of the HR in general, and very little about the industry and business, running their company.

If they are engaged in self-education, then spend time reading magazines and HR- articles on the Internet. However, those people whom they should hire, deliver a very different media – specialized professional journals and publications. And they think in other categories and concepts … Recruiters who know its market sector, have a real advantage.

Industry Equipment

Well, except that our pure, Russian method – a fist on the equipment! Well this is a joke. Almost. Next step we can assume the appearance of complex tm "Granite". This was a complex computer information. He had his own computer, fast and permanent memory, monitors for information display.

Specially created for him software, and many other innovations, in other non-successful . Its name "Granite", at least with regards to ip, it is completely justified because of its weight and dimensions. Stood firm! And hung up often. Although the terms of its manual, then it's pretty successful designs. A small number of modules, each module is responsible for its function (TI, tc, TU) – make it fairly easy to maintain. And to the same enterprise "Granit" sufficiently reliable to work and rarely gives trouble. Apply mp and now, though information from it comes not at the "native" ip and the modern robot controllers and servers.

Suffice it to prescribe a protocol of "Granit". And although amount of information is not large (the standard version – 64 tc, 32 ti, 16 W), for not more substations in the power this equipment has been successfully applied. And of course, despite the fact that some types of equipment listed above still find applications in the industry – it's yesterday. The same "Granite" is not standing still. There are also more modern for its development. The equipment becomes more compact, more flexible and more emphasis is placed on software. Modern ip currently is a server with advanced software, and kp looks increasingly to the computer configuration that can be easily changed in Depending on the application.


It is first necessary to understand the workings of your mind. Your mind is formed by all the past experiences and knowledge registered in your memory. It is very similar to a computer. You have there a mass of knowledge stored there that has formed the personality as you’re. It all started when you were a child and your parents or society surrounding you began to say that it was good, bad, correct and incorrect. As if they knew that. It is an irony that has no end. All that information I am registered in your subconscious.

And from now on forward that information acts for you instead of being yourself to take decisions. A way that helped me to understand how the mind works was a film called the Matrix. It is an excellent film and I’ve seen it about as 10 to 15 times by the extraordinary content that has. Everytime I see it I discover something new about how to operate the mind. There is a part in the movie where Neo the main protagonist is first with Morfeo the guide or teacher that helps Neo to discover their potential. The scene takes place in an old building where Neo meets Morpheus and asked: which is the Matrix?MORFEO is a very wise man and tells you to matrix this everywhere and inside, but you can not tell what exactly. The only way is that you see it or discover by yourself. Then Morpheus shows him two pills.

A pill red color in the other blue. The red pill represents the action and the blue inertia. Neo Decides to take the red pill and his world changed completely…because change? .for action is the activity of a free mind. The majority of people living in a total inertia. They are not creative or take action on anything, only recorded experience and knowledge in your memory.

Translator Online

The desire for mechanical devices as translators of different languages is already old. Already existed well before the invention of the computer, in the 17TH century the idea of the creation of a universal language based on logical principles and iconic symbols that would communicate to all mankind. This aspect was to use a mechanical dictionary based on universal numerical codes. When it was invented the first computer on the year 1940 the automatic translator was one of the first objectives. World War II gave a great push in the creation of computational methods to decrypt key messages, while these methods were quite rudimentary. The first effective attempt in this sense goes back to 1946 with the ENIAC computer. Specialists pioneers include Warren Weaver who opened this discipline to the scientific world and proposed a possible future methodology to address it, such as cryptographic techniques, the use of theorems of Shannon, the use of statistics, as well as something very interesting: the logic inherent in the human language as a tool of universal application. We see here that this last matches quite old universalist aspirations of the 17TH century highlight the logical aspect of the language.

There have been other attempts not based on logic but universalistic language as the creation of esperanto (esperanto makes a combination of English and Spanish). However, in the scientific sphere (or at least if we reduce it to the automatic translator) we see that the attempt has gone mostly directed at the logical solution, as on the other hand, it was to be expected taking into account the epistemological principles in that science has been based until not long ago. This methodology is more suitable to grasp much of reality, but would have to ask yourself is the human language likely to be tackled successfully with logic? The philosophy of language would tell us that there are many theories to deal with it and that it far exceeds the logic. Language It is an emergency of human consciousness and this consists of a logical and rational part but also of an analog part. The analog part sees the world in essences and establishes relationships that have nothing to do with logic. The integration of these two parts gives human beings a unitary vision of reality. On the other hand, the emotions and feelings also make up a part of the language and provide a special richness.

Pretend partition them into logical parameters seems somewhat less than impossible. As criticism of all this we can say that an automatic translation methodology does not attempt to do a philosophy of language, it is only a plot of union between science and language. It is true, but I think understanding the meaning of human language not being to go in a unidirectional logical sense, as it seems that he has tilted in its origins, but it is going to include other parameters in the line we just explain. Therefore, at present varied translator online-techniques used a corpus language which integrates all kinds of methodologies with results of high quality original author and source of the article