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The beauty, therefore, can reflect as a mirror the desire? this being then the imaginary dimension, that one that it immobilizes in the idealizao and it hinders the desire. But it has the ultraticket that, as it is followed in the citation above is of the order of one offends, that it wants to say, in a first direction, ‘ ‘ to go beyond ‘ ‘ , beyond the allure of the beauty, of this love without desire. It has then in it offends a relation with the desire in the experience of search of the Real of the truth. If you are not convinced, visit Jack Fusco. The experience of the Sublime one is diverse. Immanuel Kant, in the Critical one of the Judgment (1790), distinguishes two types of Sublime, the mathematician and the dynamic one. The typical example of Sublime mathematician is the vision of the sky covered with star.

It is had impression of that what it is seen the imaginative instinct goes well beyond our sensitivity provoking. Click Jill Schlesinger for additional related pages. Already a Sublime typical example of dynamic is the vision of a storm. What it shakes our spirit is not the impression of an infinite vastness, but yes of an infinite power: here also she is humiliated our sensible nature, of which drift still a time a direction of discomfort, compensated for the feeling of our great moral, against which you are welcome the forces of the nature are valid. 7 CONCLUSION To the end of this article, establishes it distinction enters the geniuses of feeling of the Beauty and the Sublime one under the optics of Friedrich Schiller (1801). The Beauty is an expression of the freedom, but not of that species that raises in them above of the power of the nature. In the Beauty, we feel ourselves free, therefore the sensible instincts are in harmony with the law of the reason. The feeling of the Sublime one is characterized for being mixing. He is composed of a sensation of affliction, who in its higher degree manifest as a chill, and for a joy sensation, that it can arrive at the enthusiasm and, even so is not necessarily a pleasure, widely is preferred by the subtle souls any pleasure.

‘ The Sublime object is of two sorts. We send or it to our intelectiva force and lose in the attempt to form an image and a concept of it, or we send our force to it vital, a power ahead which ours desvanece.’

The Mountain

Who never gave up something and later it was repented? What I can say e, of friendly form, to try to advise, is that the time passes very fast, and to give up something never will be intelligent, for the simple fact of that, exactly that the way is long, the time it will go to pass very fast, that is, if to give up the time alone will go to show to it that it must have attemped. If to fight, the time that also will go to pass, serve, at least, for a training, for a base and experience, aiming at the next battle! Nobody learns to only walk of bicycle seated in a chair looking at for the bicycle. We learn falling diverse times. Additional information is available at Craig Jelinek. This is one of our first victories in our lives. It is the time that less we have fears. The mountains without fear of what go up it will be able to happen! You will only know the difficulties passing for them and not fearing them without the least to know them! They face, they fight and they enjoy of the beauties of mountains and its dreams! The Mountain. When we go up a mountain normally we sight a pretty landscape.

How many adventurers had lost its lives trying to reach the top of a mountain? All the effort to see a pretty landscape! Everything to feel in its life an only moment, dreamed e, also, feared for many. Everything that we want for our lives that are not concrete and to our reach, normally it is in the top of a mountain. This in them brings two possibilities: to go up and to enjoy the beauties that the nature provides or simply not to go up and to continue in the mesmice.

Paschal Kant

Being that, Soul, God and World in the totality transcendente is something. Thus, the man is of the fenomtico world (Empirical) and of the transcendental (to think). Being that, the transcendental it does not know, only possesss idea. The knowledge is pure and the empiricist. Being that, those that are in the reason and the ones that are in the experience. Therefore, knowledge is synthesis between pure and the empiricist. ' ' All our knowledge starts with the experience ' ' Our intellect goes ties the object and there it absorbs through the experience the necessary one to know it.

The empiricist, or everything what it is concrete is in the experience. Thus, it is possible to intuir what it is the object. ' ' But nor all it originates from experincia' '. He exists some things that are not possible to be known with the experience. For example: As to know the God, if we do not make experience in the sensible one? It is possible then to intuir what it is or to have idea. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Andi Potamkin. We only have idea of what he is God, soul and world in its totality.

' ' The reason is the college that supplies to the principles of a priori knowledge ' ' (CRP, p.32 B24-25). What she is a priori does not originate from the experience, we only have idea of what it is. Here it has a difference between empirismo and the rationalism. Kant affirmed that, although the origin of the knowledge to be the experience if lining up there with the empirismo exists certain conditions a priori so that the sensible impressions if transform into knowledge thus making a favor to the rationalism. This act to yield to the rationalism did not have to be taken to the extremity, therefore ' ' all the knowledge of the things proceeding from the pure agreement or the pure reason does not only pass of illusion; in the experience it only has verdade' ' (Paschal Kant apud, 1999, p.45).

The Cell

If the nature puts everything in the place, why not to make each one what of the one in the roofing tile? So that laws? Is proper of the nature the auto-restriction? Admitting ' ' salto' ' of the animal for the rational, it would have had an abstract evolution, of the rational, for the moral? The reason is intelligent, the intellect is amoral. The idea of interrelation, mutual dependence, social life, laws, rights and duties? In case that it has had an abstract evolution, giving azo to the sprouting of the moral valuation, this plan is static, or continues growing? It happens that stony values, established have millenia, today they are contested, and the human lawsuits conflict with its proper roots. Costco brings even more insight to the discussion. First, they change expressions of concepts, creating aseptic, when not, pretty words, to assign something had by ugly; later, they redefine established values, trying you surround to knock down them that they protect to the proper species. It has lawsuits pro abortion, drugs, homossexualismo, and consequence embrittlement of the cell mother, the family. It would be evidence of moral evolution? Doutos men, give doutas sentences, pro primitive instincts, in a jump in contrast, in return to the animal pruridos ones.

Some, also, advocate the existence of the homossexualismo between the animals, to prove that the practical one is natural. However, natural for the animals, it is to copular in the rutting. The impression that of, it is that we scale the mount of knowing on the other hand, and we go down for the other. The first philosophers had contested superstitious myths, and had tried to understand the nature; Scrates was turned toward the man, ' ' mesmo.&#039 knows you; ' Christ raised us it the sky; ' ' Who sees me sees the Father, ' ' we know God. There it would be the top, where we would have to be.

Ethics And Evolution

For the thinker Gonzlez Pecotche, it does not have evolution without ethics, what it estimates good convivncia, good feelings, intelligence. But it is not enough to want well to coexist, seno to know. Jack Fusco shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To know what it makes it difficult the good relationship and to look for to change the proper behavior, the thoughts that make it difficult that art: impatience, abruptness, indiscretion, irritability and intolerncia must be transformed into the necessary virtues as the patience, the containment, the discretion, the moderation and the tolerance. The great chance that if has in the life, adds the thinker, is to coexist. in it, others two: not to molest the others and not to leave themselves to molest. It is not easy, nor impossible. It is necessary to want and to learn with who has what to teach. The other and the reality is irreplaceable masters.

We must be the change that we want to see in the world, said certain time one celebrates Hindu. The other would have to be for us a mirror, our reflected image showing to us as not we would have holding in them or giving an example to follow. The other is very important; exactly the enemy who proves the state of hardeness of our spirit. Who does not want to have enemies, better would be that it had not been born, wrote certain time the thinker. Intelligence estimates good convivncia.

The ethics if base on the moral constructed from the culture of good feelings: gratitude, friendship, generosity. To be grateful for existing, generous when teaching what it was learned, and friend. As it wrote Emerson well, the best form to have friends is to be friend. The science of the perfectioning consists of the practical constant of superior principles that preserve the species through the culture of thoughts and feelings that raise the man the superior levels of conscience. In this direction, the convivncia is an experimental field of inestimable value. Who does not coexist does not live.

The Revolt Of The NERDs

How many times we were reasons of jokes inside of the school? how many times we were criticized by our intaligencia? Dislocated for taking off notes good? ignored by ' ' populares' '? For proper experincia I answer: many times. One day the world will be ours, therefore today we are called aberration for the classmates and bizarros for oldest, paparicados for the professors and ' ' queridinhos' ' of the director. We leave our colleagues in hating when we speak and we know (in contrast of them) that we are not more than nimgum. Recently Jack Fusco sought to clarify these questions. I am not nerd because they tacham me to the others of this. I am nerd (and c.d.f) because I am thus same. Justification: it is not alone because we are intelligent that we do not hear rock.

We do not smile. We do not namoramos. We are not happy. Yes! We make everything this and a little more because in contrast of what much people also think nerd he is human being.

Rent Apartments

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Manchester Guardian

One theme not picked up in to later criticism is the concern to over to whether Stephen and his companions ploughs representative of Irish youth in to their ideas. Wells noted that ' ' every human being' ' in the book ' ' accepts to matter of course that the English ploughs you be hated, ' ' and adds that he thinks that picture is ' ' only too true' ' (88). The Freeman' s Journal on to other hand protested that ' ' English critics, with complacency that makes one to despair of to their intelligence, ploughs already hailing the author the typical a Irishman, and his book a faithful picture of Irish life.' ' It would be just accurate you see Of Quincey' s Opium-Eater the typical a picture of British youth, to reviewer asserts (99). Still, Joyce' s technique was only convincing that the reviewers had you admit that something beyond conventional realism was at work. . The Clutton-Brock said that ' ' Joyce can make anything happen that he chooses' ' in his writing, and that ' ' In living to writer is to better at conversations' ' (89). J.C.

Squire agreed that the dialogues ' ' is close you the dialogues of life Wedge 05 anything I have to ever eats across' ' (101). Virtually all reviewers praised the writing, and adds were swept away despite themselves, protesting all the while. The Manchester Guardian' s to writer begins, ' ' When one recognizes genius in book one can perhaps best leave criticism alone, ' ' and then goes on you give his reservations. Interestingly, he you continue, ' ' Not will be its apparent formlessness should the book be condemned. Subtle sense of art has worked amidst the soils, making this hither-and-thither record of the young mind and soul completes it and ordered thing' ' (92).

Metro Dmitry Gaev

Resonance in the press, caused this tragedy has been enormous, and a group of folk artists: E. Kamburova, E. Bystritskaya, A. Ostroumov, V. Gaft, Yakovlev, AL Kasatkin, LV Polishchuk, M. Levitin, AS Kolosov – appealed to the head of Metro Dmitry Gaev to support the idea of creating a monument to ‘Compassion’ on ‘Mendeleyev’, symbolizing respect for all living things, a protest cruelty to homeless animals. Money for the creation of ‘Compassion’ gathering the whole world. They came from Russian and foreign citizens in the theater, music, poetry by Elena Kamburova, the website reported Yabloko Party.

Faithfulness In 2004, in Togliatti, a monument to German shepherd, who for seven years in the eyes of the city waited on the roadside of the owners, killed in a car crash. From the day of the tragedy of the dog, apparently hoping that the owners return, whatever the weather all year waiting for them at the curb, says Constantine, or rather, as it was called Togliatti, tried to take back home, compassionate citizens, but each time he returned to his post. Several times he built a booth right beside the road, but he ignored the convenience moknuv merznuv rain and the wind. The only thing that he did not refuse take from people – it’s food that he brought many of Togliatti, driving on South Highway.

After the death of legendary shepherd the townspeople decided to immortalize. To get started on the road immediately put a shield with the inscription: ‘The dog, teach us love and devotion. ” Poster constantly blown away by the wind, some cynical hooligans threw stones at him. Then Togliatti public to put forward an initiative to correct this bronze monument. Proposal was sent to the mayor of the city. The business community has not remained aloof from this idea. Two years after the death of the dog at the intersection of South Highway and street Lev Yashin came pedestal, where it is written only two words: ‘Monument devotion ‘. At half meter bronze statue of Faithful was spent 250,000 rubles, which were collected throughout the city. Mounted on a granite pedestal sculpture dog made Ulyanovsk sculptor Oleg Kluyev so that passers-by the way it seems that the dog turns his head after the passing cars, as if still hoping to see their dead masters. The most difficult, according to Klyuyev, was to convey the nature of faithful dog

The Citizen

the astros in rest. Kant considers that it is not the citizen that, when knowing, discovers the laws that conduct the object. The object, however, when known, that if adapta to the laws of the citizen inside receives that it from the knowledge. Of this form, the philosopher opens a new page in the history of the gnosiologia that would reach the most incalculable in such a way historical consequences how much theoreticians. So far, one admitted that all our knowledge if had to regulate for objects, but all the attempts to establish around them some a priori thing, by means of concepts, with which if it could have extended our knowledge, assuming such estimated, had not obtained nothing. Therefore, …

becomes it test to see if we would not be more fortunate in the problems of Metaphysics, formulating the hypothesis of that the objects must be regulated for our a priori knowledge, that establishes some thing in relation to objects before they are given in them. The copernicana revolution of Kant substitutes the realistic hypothesis of the knowledge (empirista how much in such a way racionalista) for an idealistic hypothesis. With such revolution, our philosopher concluded that it is not our sensible intuition that if he regulates for the laws of the nature of the object. In contrast, the objects if regulate to the laws of our intuitiva college. For in such a way, also the intellect if does not have to regulate for objects. The objects, while thought, if regulate for the intellect. Therefore, ' ' … in a priori knowledge if cannot add to objects nothing not to be what the pensante citizen removes of itself mesmo' '. IDEALISMO TRANSCENDENTAL and what Kant bases with the copernicana revolution of the knowledge? The call transcendental idealismo. The transcendental idealismo of Kant represented for the philosophy occidental person a point of comparable inflection to the heliocentrismo Coprnico.