Annika Schluter

With our new proposal of Prime we think Cercle, do this in to be able to guarantee to an innovative way of financing and on the other an original feature film experience.” According to Serge Hayat the film financing is currently located in a time of change. We follow the example of the United States, we must use new methods of financing, in order to strengthen the French and European film industry. Our experience has shown that the user on the backing up of the films that really deserve their opinion on the screen to appear, as were possessed and they in this development would participate.” Premier Cercle: a new feature film experience after our cinema-enthusiastic audience made the first experiences in the financing of films, it is now welcome to invited to participate, in the film production on Ulule by the public their Favorite projects financial support and in return get unique advantages: behind the scenes of the production look, Extras are, meet the crew, are invited to premieres, get VOD performances here, DVD and signed poster and much more! “In addition the supporters can get Premier Cercle” of films then? en. Premier Cercle is the name of the new institution, during the press conference on 24 April, coinciding with the two first projects (new movie by Andre Techine and the first film by Audrey Dana”fidelite of films, an organization to market. Films from abroad), is presented. Press Conference / Breakfast: Wednesday April 24 at 9 h in the Cinema of the Cineastes – Premier acquisition of people for cinema by Ulule – presentation of the institution Cercle – presentation of film projects by Andre Techine and Audrey Dana on Ulule – in the presence of Alexandre Boucherot (Ulule), Serge Hayat (people for cinema), the Director Audrey Dana and directed by Olivier Delbosc (fidelite films) Germany contact: Annika Schluter: Contact France: Mathieu Maire you Poset: Of Ulule: the first Crowdfunding allows the financing of creative, innovative platform in Europe and solidarity projects thanks to the numerous user individuals, foundations or companies propose your project and enter your financial objective, the length of the campaign and exclusive consideration as a thank you for the financial support (E.g.: a DVD with a funded short film, invitations for performances or during the shoot), a meeting with the entire team, etc.) Once the objective has been achieved, the promoter receives the collected money, realized his project and rewarded the supporters counter-performances. If the financial objective is not achieved, so all supporters get immediately and free of charge refunded their money. Ulule was in October 2010 from Alexandre Boucherot (38 years, founder of the platform and Fluctuat.NET, former Deputy) Director of Doctissimo) and Thomas Grange (28 years, former innovation Director of Doctissimo, founder of page The team consists of 8 people and located in Paris more than 2000 projects have been successfully funded since bringing out the page with a total of 6 million with the help of 150 000 users. on P4C: people for cinema, the first Crowdfunding platform specialized in the financing of films, since 2010 more than 2 million euros from 38,000 users collected, to finance the distribution of over 40 films. The user have one note in the Crowdfunding industry above-average success can: (2 out of 5 films were profitable and only less than 1 out of 4 films lost more than half of investment); In addition, they had other exclusive advantages (premiere, meetings with the artists, DVD, etc.).