The Griffin is preparing to spend Christmas with family and Lois makes preparations to make them as perfectly as possible, while Peter and Stewie seemed annoyed that because his first wife asks you to bring a Christmas tree, taking advantage of this holiday and because Stewie Lois was a registered Green living to make baby Jesus. A Stewie plans her mother does not do thank you very much and asked if this is not bad Santa Claus will bring you nothing and you are viewing, this is convinced that Santa Claus has installed surveillance cameras around the house and start to worry about being watched by other party after Peter cut down the tree on the sidewalk in front of Lois reminds him that have been invited by Swanson to celebrate Christmas Eve, despite the fact that Peter only wants to watch TV.
At home in Swanson, Lois offers dolls house made of gingerbread which depresses more than usual who gets angry at Joe for not having the ability to walk, later to Quagmire and Cleveland are celebrating Christmas Eve in the city Lois gave him permission to go but taking Joe with them to try to encourage him, Joe will be forgotten when the depression rises to the chagrin of the car that Peter gets Joe prohibits driving and drinking beer so that they are already Baby Joe and others, Peter who was not just the mine since it also has to donate gifts to the underprivileged, his friends try to cheer him go to anger a lemon sorbet a joke when Peter finds out joke sent to the horn face of disgust.
Christmas day arrives and all are raised, Peter is sober andalusia breakfast to everyone’s surprise, Lois would be grateful if you take Joe to the conclusion, the moment of sitting on the sofa Lois asks one last favor clogging again Peter draw gifts luggage, when asked if Brian is going to do what they asked Lois reveals that this has given everyone. Brian corrects him telling that only had to deliver for the disadvantaged and others who were for the family. Peter suddenly realizes the mistake he has committed the mistake, “for (the family)” to “From (the family).” Rauda is directed to a caravan park to try to recover but a dysfunctional family are very poor and appropriates them off very hostile. Peter tells Lois fears lead to a quarrel but was surprised that his wife does not seem much affected by the error of her husband while acknowledging cabrea you have to go shopping again. Lois forcing everyone to go shopping to the chagrin of Peter intended to stay home to watch Kiss saves Santa on TV, Brian is watching the turkey in the oven.
Andalusia andalusia mall and get Peter over after another car park due to lack of parking space, Lois organizes shopping by buying less while Meg asks that takes Stewie to Santa Claus to see who is still thinking omnipotent, as he sees it is amazed that this unarmed alli asks Santa Claus to give away plutonium for Christmas, Stewie starts to behave well to bring you your order, otherwise Peter is the only remaining pins for Meg but soon they will fight against an old lady who aims to take her granddaughter, while there Peter pursues the aquarium to get a deal to women than to throw fish food to get all the fish will jump on Peter. As long as Brian is about to get the turkey, it is a spark of fire burning the carpet, the room is soon enveloped in flames, Brian Rauda try fighting fire with an extinguisher for extinguishing the chagrin of Brian is a joke and launches Plastic snakes doing the fire is made stronger, to get really get a fire extinguisher to put out the fire this time but the pressure makes you lose control and break the fall on the TV to the living room was destroyed and the turkey at the end has been burned. Peter and Brian argue but Lois brings peace through, amazingly still with the same friendly attitude by saying that just need cleaning and that nothing has happened, when Meg tells her mother that they have no role in this kitchen mad and angry with his family for the troubles he has had to hold a decent Christmas, then after razing the house, broke a window with a chair and runs deranged (Meg to find the final paper towel just after you miss Lois the head and go home.)
Lois continued to roam through the village outside if rebuked the people for their optimism Christmas, George Bailey also throws a bridge from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life I was going to kill myself but think it wants, when it comes to the town hall and see The Christmas tree loaded Lois decides to cut the star, at home while Chris is concerned about whether her mother will come back asking, Peter Green decided to go for if you were living there while Stewie changes his mind and decides to make the presentation to be a good boy .