Back Elbows

Pull the elbows as high as possible. At the top point they must be above the level of the back. The higher the elbows, the stronger your back muscles are involved. In the beginning the main thrust load is focused on the bottom of the broadest. But as soon as your elbows are level back and you start to take the shoulders back, the focus shifts to load up: the upper part of the broad, trapezoid and rhomboid muscles.

Keep natural curvature of the spine throughout the exercise (back slightly bend at the waist and the chest is expanded). In any case not drawn with rounded back and do not bend (or unbend) in the back, tilt (or raising) of sars during traction. This is extremely dangerous! Do not use too heavy weight. It will ruin the technique (you'll "break" all over bar, raising his torso, and not pull back muscles, as is planned) and will not let you raise your elbows above the level of back. To use more upper back (rear delta, rhomboid, trapezius and upper lat) pull the barbell to his chest and point your elbows outward. This is a more complex version of the exercise. Feet should always be slightly bent at the knees. So you will be much easier to ensure a stable position of the body during the execution of thrust. If you pull the bar on straight legs, in an attempt to keep a fixed position of the body you will Rounded forced back.