Catching Ide And Perch On The Moors

I will talk about fishing for ide and perch on the moors. I catch on large peat bays associated with the Volga. There's fine, so that from the Volga there come only with ide perch, and they feed on small perch and podyazkami. In these bays would breeding ducks, but abandoned the case. Subsequently, it issued to the banks of the logs due to the fact that the formation of islands through the locks and poured water formed small lakes.

Between themselves and the Gulf, they have dosoh related gateways. Of these lakes suitable for fishing and, most importantly the presence of fish, I only know one thing, but the rest does not go even fry. I catch a small stoma of these bays, but the road is a small but extraordinarily beautiful lake. When go out on his beach, you can start an extraordinarily beautiful views of the forest edge. Among the common tree on the opposite bank of the stick three high pine. All the willow thickets of the lake and the occasional nut trees and among them is couple – three seats are suitable for fishing seats. By the way on this lake, I caught the first of these places schurenka. To the left of the lake near the road is rugged glade, where I leave the car and camping. Lakes and bays surrounded by impenetrable forests, which extend for many tens of kilometers. Roads are also impassable, passenger car quickly bury it, so to travel back fondly necessarily have the SUV.