Your new tie hangs there, elegant and bright. And it may be that the night already a little pretty soup stain embellishes it. Of the frequent knotted form wrinkles and good gathers in good quality neckties this lasts a little more. In travel situation gets delicate, and when you unpack the suitcase, not only you but also the tie will be wrinkled. Fortunately one is not helpless with regard to these misfortunes. Admittedly: a stain on the tie is ugly. And we must not put the tie in the washer.

If it is an classical silk necktie, you can try it with a damp cloth. Microfiber ties are more resistant to washing, but also in this case you should not use much water, because calcium stains are formed. Ethyl alcohol may be a better choice, but must first prove on the back if the material resists this treatment.A few dry cleaners also washed silk ties. But since it is necessary to open the seams and sew again, only rely on specialized homes. It is clear that this is only worth if it’s very expensive neckties. The wrinkles of a tie do not form so quickly if the tie has an interfacing of good quality. As you won’t be able to avoid them completely.

Press darts makes many times more damage of what they accomplished. Why, here’s a secret Council. In addition, not only works with neckties, but also suits that lost the way and you can make up to a hotel room: the tie hang vertically on a hanger. This hangs in the sink. And now it’s time for a hot shower. Seriously, no kidding. Steam softens fabric and the interlining of necktie, and this is fixed.