Day Brianna

After these Elliot confessions were said farewell to Charllote and vice versa. Already it was closed night when Elliot arrives the house. It repairs that it was Full Moon night and it went to happen what all the full moon nights happen. It hunts. It obtains to hunt in others heights as of Day, of Afternoon therefore its family was the only clan in that Country to obtain this dom. To obtain dom to hunt of day without any alteration in itself. Elliot had a older sister, Brianna.

It also had a mother, Ruby, and a father, Harry. The surname was Owen. In this night Elliot Owen it decides to hunt with Brianna. Brianna knows its brother to perceive too much well that some thing was transferred, only for its face. While they ran more quickly of what the light Brianna starts to talk. – Then intelligent minor, as was your day? – Bri Is silent you, if you continue me to treat for intelligent minor, I start to treat you it for Rude-Mount! Brianna was unconditionally violent in impatience cases (what it happened with its Elliot brother), therefore, as Brianna always lost the patience with it, was always aggressive with Elliot.

– Ok, Ok young Owen. Now Rude-Mount says here. WHAT IT IS THAT IS TRANSFERRED? – Bri is not nothing with you. – It walks there. I am your older sister you know that pods to trust me. – Yes, I I know Bri, but in this in case that it can help nobody me, mainly because subject to have with our family and the family of? Elliot at this moment was conteu, was not none case of families because both the Families if gave well, was because Elliot did not obtain to pronounce the name. I did not obtain to pronounce the name Charllote.