Editorial Office

New site, new blog: just publish! just publish updated the own website! Media has launched a blog to the competence building, housing, energy efficiency and sustainability. The editorial staff for future issues, so the self understanding of just publish!, including a private medium offers since early March 2011 in addition to a refreshed website. In the blog come so different things such as design objects, architect houses and energy-saving measures to the test. We ask ourselves, why solar roofs so ugly must be, whether a design fitting is suitable for everyday use or how much it makes sense to put a toilet in the middle of the bedroom”, Sven Rohde, editor in Chief of just explains publish! While the blog should build bridges between subjects such as psychology or energy, building and setting up. Humorous language and a pinch of cynicism are our ingredients for entertaining blog entries”, Rohde, who has received several media awards for his reports.

At least once a week should a new Post provide conversation piece. The texts are written by the journalists of the House. just publish! has specializes in the design and production of print and online media. Clients are publishers and companies. The focus of just publish! available in the topics building and modernizing, setting up and figures, energy and sustainability as well as psychology and health. 2009 the company emerged from the Editorial Office of Sven Rohde, 1999 founded – today more than 20 expert authors and-redakteure for the editorial work. Uske Berndt