Finally Trip

For a few seconds, I think about not coming back to mine so strange and complicated world, where freedom is limited and treacherous, when suddenly, in my calm flight, I come back to observe of the high a present reality. to the times without wanting, diving in my distant past and I see myself ahead of the adventures of the life. When in my world, I did not have the happiness to find friends who if made use to travel with me, to share with my teeny adventures. Finally, I raise my wing in search of horizon, as they make the diverse viajores that follow me hours and hours in silence observing, me of far with respect. Without wanting, to the few I am invited to return of my true world. I do not feel courage to finish my trip and I limit myself to listen to my dear friends entoarem in one I only sing: ' ' friend does not go! He is more a little! We go to continue our trip! ' '. Awaken in silence ahead of all that order that go silencing to the few, making to return me to reality of this old world, where I dedicate myself solely to tell my trip to me, the most beautiful trip that I made to my true world, exactly knowing that it only exists inside of my proper one to be and that nobody never will be able to know it or conquest it Inside of me, some investigations go appearing when passing of the time: it will be that I will see still them? How will be daqui pra front, so distant of my friends? It would not be better to have forever been with them? Really, my prezado friend, is difficult to take a decision at a moment as this.