General Director

For many companies, for example, was the discovery that official translation from a developer perspective, the standard – recognized by him, and not registered by the authorized state bodies, with a blue seal, notarized, recommended, made certification company. “Annual Seminar on Standardization, organized by the” Normdoks, “was rightly be called a platform for education and training of Russian companies,” said Stanislav Kim, General Director of “Normdoks” – “Just as in the past year we have decided to support the national organization and make the event free for participants. We do not do politics, we – the practice of supporting the real sector Russian economy. It should be noted that the activity of participants, compared with previous years, increased several-fold: the number of questions asked, it was suggested, live discussion show that Russian specialists are ready to develop, operate under the new conditions – this is good news! Increased and the number of the speakers at the seminar for the first time took part in such organizations, Moody International, representatives of the API in Russia, Det Norske Veritas and Certification Association “Russian Register”. This year we also conducted an online seminar broadcast via Twitter (), so that everyone can read the abstracts, listeners’ questions and answers to them. Discussion workshop is in the Community and users of foreign standards (). We thank all participants and speakers, and invite all interested to attend our next event: an anniversary V International workshop on standardization is already planned for 2011.