GMO Animal

At the outdoor animal husbandry, for example, of goats or sheep pasture tent can be an interesting acquisition. In times in which mad cow disease, swine fever, dioxin contaminated eggs or vegetables contaminated with pesticides virtually are the order of the day, it is becoming increasingly clear: the priorities that we make in selecting our food, should go to the detriment of the lowest dumping prices for large amounts of food (of which a majority behind frequently even is thrown away) and in favour of manufactured high-quality foods from organic farming. Now more and more people attach great importance to happiness on the origins of their food, which results in that more and more farmers and farms, to saddle up and put on a sustainable production processes and a fair dealing with people, animals and nature. Particularly the rearing of animals intended for human consumption or the production of animal products such as eggs and milk, is of many consumers precisely observed, play a big role as not only the interests of the people, but also that of the animals. One of the basic prerequisites, that an animal can grow up healthy and live, and thus also healthy food supply, is an animal welfare. In addition to a species-specific, healthy and GMO-free feeding of animals, there are especially things like the possibility of movement, soil condition, the weaving of social contacts with other animals and of course the air, the light and the noise level, which will decide whether an animal may or may not just grow up healthy and happy.

For example, cattle, this means that the grazing of a groom in any case preferable is the many advantages offered by this form of animal husbandry when done properly the animals and the resulting food, are already in numerous studies scientifically been and not to discuss, but there are of course some things to consider. So rich natural remedies such as individual trees or shrubs often insufficient, to let the animals before weather conditions to protect, a solid pasture shelter or even relatively flexible on the Meadow from one place to another move a willow tent from PVC, which offers the great advantage of are here but remedy, to provide the animals, in the rain, strong winds or even heat, to find the necessary protection, or a cookie giving shade. Just over heat an unlimited range of possible cold water is very important, also being sure, use not only the superior animals, but also the weaker animals have the opportunity to be admitted. For this reason sharp angles should be avoided also in the fencing possible, to avoid that rank invertebrates can be driven there by the more dominant in the Strait. And even little things like for example, scouring possibilities in the form of Logs or wood piles contribute to the satisfaction of the animals.