Good Village Hope

In the visits that we carry through we observe children going up in trees to take off fruits and if to feed. We believe to be difficult to be of ‘ ‘ belly vazia’ ‘ in this territory. Coconut, banana, jambo, jaca, had been saboreadas fruits also for us. There flour is produced, had aipim, dend, fruit-bread, cacao, and much more. Who gives to all the children of this our country could be ventured to go up it in a jambeiro to receive from it delicious jambos. Unhappyly, many of these teeny and teeny ones need (DES) to venture themselves in lixes stop of them trying to extract its survival. The life in the field under the lenses of the life city dweller can seem monotonous, without movement, without chances, but who in it /de it only lives can express the directions that are constructed in the dynamics of the relation with the nature.

Many young, had to the experiences that have, over all, in the period that they need to go to study in the city, starts to glimpse a life is of the nesting. The seated ones that they had been interviewed had said that some young is working in the city. They pass if to relate with the nesting as if this was a quarter; they wake up early and they go to work in the city. This if must also had the proximity of this nesting to the urban zone. In the interview carried through in seated day 24/02/2011 the Floriano and Benedict, they had affirmed that ‘ ‘ youth has shame to say that deferred payment in the nesting, because they find that the natives are? roceiros? ‘ ‘. 3 memorial Signals: of the imbricao between history and memory In defense for the writing of the history of the nesting Good Village Hope is that we were locating some points of the map presented for () interviewed ().