How To Choose A Basketball ?

When you select basketball goals is of great importance where the game is played. If classes are held in the basketball hall, you can stay on the choice of ball, covered in leather or with a special composite material. Play with such balls in the street should not be. Professionals prefer balls with a microfiber composite surface, which contributes to better grip the ball, because it controls the humidity level. For example, a basketball Nike 4005 Tournament BB0309-801.

For the game of basketball on the street fit balls, consisting entirely of rubber, or having a synthetic surface. Accordingly, they are much cheaper than leather balls, and special coatings. Rubber balls are best to use when playing on asphalt, and balls with covers made of composite materials – smooth, wood or rubber playing surface. Professional basketballs designed for men's basketball teams in the circle are each an average of 75 – 78 cm and weigh 560 – 650 grams. Professional basketballs for women's teams have a size slightly smaller.

Usually it is the size of number 6. Buying basketball, do not forget to ask him well pump. Check the quality! Check the quality inflated ball, you can throw it from a height of about 1.80 meters. If it will bounce off the floor to a height of 1.20 – 1.40 meters, it means pumped up correctly. Pay attention to the nipple, check to see if he misses the air, put on his saliva. If a basketball passes air, you will immediately understand this. Try to knock the ball on the floor and make sure that it rebounds vertically. If he goes in different directions, then the curve ball. Choosing a basketball should not be shy – check as many balls as you want. Remember, basketball Balls do not have to kick his feet like a football. Sit on them is not worth, or learn by example, what turns a game ball curves. The most popular with professional players use balls famous sports manufacturers: Spalding, Molten, Nike, Wilson, Mikasa.