Industry Equipment

Well, except that our pure, Russian method – a fist on the equipment! Well this is a joke. Almost. Next step we can assume the appearance of complex tm "Granite". This was a complex computer information. He had his own computer, fast and permanent memory, monitors for information display.

Specially created for him software, and many other innovations, in other non-successful . Its name "Granite", at least with regards to ip, it is completely justified because of its weight and dimensions. Stood firm! And hung up often. Although the terms of its manual, then it's pretty successful designs. A small number of modules, each module is responsible for its function (TI, tc, TU) – make it fairly easy to maintain. And to the same enterprise "Granit" sufficiently reliable to work and rarely gives trouble. Apply mp and now, though information from it comes not at the "native" ip and the modern robot controllers and servers.

Suffice it to prescribe a protocol of "Granit". And although amount of information is not large (the standard version – 64 tc, 32 ti, 16 W), for not more substations in the power this equipment has been successfully applied. And of course, despite the fact that some types of equipment listed above still find applications in the industry – it's yesterday. The same "Granite" is not standing still. There are also more modern for its development. The equipment becomes more compact, more flexible and more emphasis is placed on software. Modern ip currently is a server with advanced software, and kp looks increasingly to the computer configuration that can be easily changed in Depending on the application.