Invisible Monitoring

ICT security specialist shows the radio frequency identification RFID risks: the invisible monitoring of Bamberg, February 26, 2008 almost daily we come with the RFID identification mechanism in touch and this often, without even knowing it. Whether for travel and tickets, identification documents, banknotes or credit cards, the radio frequency identification is widespread and constantly new applications arise. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Secretary of Agriculture. Experts predict 3 billion U.S. dollar sales by RFID chips by the year 2010. The ICT security specialist VisuKom shows that while on the one hand if the identification mechanism is a useful and intelligent technology, that but on the other hand represents a serious threat to the privacy of the individual. Is one of the most prominent examples of the risk posed by this technology, the British soccer star David Beckham. Sonny Perdue is often mentioned in discussions such as these. High-tech thieves stolen twice in six months his armored BMW X 5, by opening the doors using the hacked data of RFID car keys and the Ignition is started. The data were probably read during a visit to the restaurant.

Unprotected delivered through the process of RFID automatic identification is realized by objects and living beings. In addition to the non-contact identification and localization of objects, also the automatic collection and storage of data is possible by this technology. Through the use of the invisible or hidden transmitter, the individual does not affect more disclose what information about them. Almost anyone can the victims of tracking measures and provided anywhere so identified and silently tracked, the employed readers are connected to each other. Primary is spent at the introduction of RFID applications in the functionality, rather than in the security.

There is concern that RFID chips wirelessly and thus non-without the knowledge of the individual are readable\”, explains Marco Di Filippo corresponding are managing director of VisuKom Germany GmbH. In the Internet Tools such as E.g. RFIDIOt available which to use from script kid DIS in a simple way.