Man: Conditional Animal

Introduction Alexander Koyr has a book that &#039 is called; ' Of the closed world to the universe infinito' ' where El sample that the men had breached with the structures of a planet created by God and that enjoyed of privileged status before this exactly creative. Kepler, Galileu, Brahe, Coprnico and the Newtons not necessarily in this order, had shown that it had other worlds, infinite worlds and were only plus a planet, a corpuscle floating in an immense galaxy. Similarities the Arendt part starts its book ' ' The condition humana' ' registering that a rocket turning in the terrestrial orbit praising that the infinite universe mentioned by Koyr effectively started to be conquered by the men. Symptomatic also &#039 is the registration of the tomb of the Russian scientist; ' the humanity will not remain imprisoned forever terra' ' . more, the man to the few is liberated of mooring cables of ' ' Terra&#039 mother; ' that it was par excellence, the place of the men, its arrest, as for the old philosophers the body was arrest of the soul.

E if the conquest of the sidereal space it does not mean in last instance a distanciamento of the creative and protective God, sample at least that the men already know to turn over for against proper. But for this work we will follow two basic lines of the thought of Arendt, the first one is inverse of the announced one in these first lines and consists of the idea of that the old Greek man had its restricted world the private sphere and if he carried through as man in Now, but now had a drastic inversion in the practised values: the man has the public life and if he carries through in the privacy of the home. Then we have that, Koyr understands that the world was restricted and expanded for infinite possibilities, to the step that with Arendt the innumerable possibilities of the public conviviality, of the debate in the square if had contracted for the small world and restricted world of the privacy of the home.