Manufacturers Will Respond – Ruling Oracle Against Usedsoft

The market is developing Hamburg/Aachen used software licenses, 18 April 2013 – by the judgment of the European Court of Justice in the case of Oracle against Usedsoft something happened in the software market. The verdict is considered critically still by some major software manufacturers and the Federal Supreme Court has postponed the negotiations on this subject. But what look like software market projections after the judgment? With the new law, there will be some changes in the software market. Now that it is also allowed to sell used software licenses, software vendors will need to make a step the self-preservation. While you could make huge gains with a new software program and the subsequent sale, now is the risk of loss to feel.

The companies will find other strategies, what the users have to set. The programming of software takes a long time in effort, but much less time than it would take the subsequent maintenance. The effort is located at many software life cycles the maintenance between 80 and 90%, with three different types of maintenance are applied (perfecting maintenance, corrective maintenance and adaptive maintenance). Because the manufacturer must forfeit losses in sales, you may increase the costs of the maintenance. Even without the ruling the manufacturers with the wait have can make money, after the judgment is expected to compensate the lost profits through the maintenance contracts which will increase the costs for the user to purchase of the software.

Another way to compensate for the loss of the sale of used software licences, would be the so called SaS model, software as a service. In this process, the software is not sold, but provided only as a service to the user. The users or companies rent”practically the software and access to the server of the manufacturer or owner of the software. Thus, the software is not sold.