The climate of Croatia is one of the most suitable for a summer holiday of Russians. Average annual hours of sunshine – 2.600, which is exactly 1000 hours more than in Moscow, the average sea temperature in summer – 25-27C, the air – 30-31. Already several years unesco assigns Croatia "Blue Flag" for the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean coast. " With accommodation problems will not arise. You can stay in a hotel or choose a private cottage that there are both on the coastline and in the cities. All cities and resorts of Croatia are very attractive for leisure. The most popular holiday in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pula, in Istria, Rovinj. Rovinj itself a very beautiful city.

Cozy streets of Rovinj have to walk. Some homes are built in the sea. Zagreb – one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. One of the main attractions of Zagreb, is built in Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This cathedral is in the hundreds of beautiful monuments in the world. The most beautiful city – Dubrovnik. In the seventh century, the inhabitants of the ruined city of Epidaurus, founded on a small rocky islet Louse and called it Ragusium.

Name of Dubrovnik city acquired in the eighth century, when the Slavic tribes settled in these parts. It comes from the oak forests growing here. City evolved over several centuries and, thanks to a highly developed merchant fleet by the middle of xv century, became an independent republic. XV-XVII centuries.