New List Eases Import Constructors

From 1 January 2008 for vehicles crossing the Russian border in parts, entered into force "lightweight" process of registration. New vehicle registration procedure will be performed on a single list of Japanese models manufacturers. Decree of the General Directorate of Traffic Police set the procedure for replacing components and assemblies for foreign cars. This procedure is in common parlance is called "bringing the car under the TCP (for documents)," or "bringing the designer." New the list includes more than 200 basic models of cars. All other regulations in force up to this point, now repealed. Read it and download it to your computer, please visit The new order provides a framework principle, when replacing major components and chassis of the car is only on the basis of the base model cars. The list has not included some of the models of so-called "hybrids", ie, vehicles with Combined motor.

The only limitation in terms of increase range capacity of the vehicle. It can not increase by more than 40 percent. In the event that the vehicle model is not listed, you can refill it, but you must appeal to the U.S. institution that is engaged in the development of the document, or in the main committee of the traffic police.