North Balogun

Intelligent control boiler thermostat and save energy costs RA PLUS-w by Danfoss communicates via Z-Wave North Balogun, February 12, 2008 Danfoss, a manufacturer of refrigeration and heating technology, with RA PLUS-w a Z-Wave based radiator thermostat on the market brought, which provides location – and time-independent control of radiators throughout the House. More information is housed here: A. F. Chief of Staff . Property owner or homeowners can also remotely so the temperature in their rooms\”rules and thus reduce energy costs. Through the built-in Z-Wave chip, the thermostat in a home control network can be integrated, so that he can be controlled then for example, PCs, PDAs, remote controls, mobile phones or over the Internet. The RA plus-w is distributed as part of home automation solutions partners Danfoss as, for example, Merten, Innovus, electronic housekeeper, etc.. Heaters are Germany’s largest energy consumer, but also contribute to a large part to the comfort. However, the rapidly rising energy prices force mainly House or Apartment owners in older buildings to austerity measures.

So the cost of heating oil has risen, for example, in Germany according to the heating level since 2000 to 44.3 and for gas to 57.8 percent. Same comfort with reduced heat output saves already 6% of energy costs already reducing the room temperature by just 1 degree Celsius. Heating thermostat developed by Danfoss allows you to reduce the temperature by up to 3 degrees at set intervals within a day. The Z-Wave chip built into the thermostat also allows an integration of the device in the home control network. Via radio, the RA is PLUS-w the ability to communicate with other Z-wave devices.

Thus, the location-independent and comfortable control of the heating element, for example, through a central Web interface can be made. This address can be on the Internet, can to respond, for example, from the Office or vacation place currently to weather changes. Each room is individually adjustable living room can, for example, during the day stay warm, while the bedroom is heated in time to go to bed to a comfortable temperature.