Paulo Coelho

While you are more specific with what you want, the things will leave you to your own liking, you will feel satisfied, pleased, with a proper self-esteem. 2. It is important that you start to auto – get to know you know how you are, evaluate your thoughts and discover your true self. 3. It is necessary to have the will to change, make your own decisions and hold you responsible for your own life. 4.

Surround yourself with positive and motivating people because that is contagious, friendships that can provide positive things into your life, who are enthusiastic, proactive, with winning attitude, with a proper self-esteem. 5 Work firmly in increase your self-esteem, believes that your chances are many and not give up before the failure. Don’t be overcome by low self-esteem 6. When you consider doing something focus on the result rather than the process, that motivates you more. Play with your imagination and it assumes within you that your goals have already been met, burn in your mind that pleasant success feeling so that the motivation is greater and that your self-esteem is adequate. 7 Seeks to put passion in what you do so not you like, keep in mind that everything in life does not necessarily have to be nice, there are things you may not like but have to make them for your sake. For example: but you like exercising because you’ve become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle which does not bring anything good into your life, it will touch you do a bit of exercise or at least take a walk to retrieve your physical activity. So you don’t like will have to take into account the benefits that brings to your life to do a little exercise, having a healthy weight, relax, learn to breathe better and improve your quality of life.

Do not look in the process but in the result and the benefit that brings every thing you do for your sake and to increase you self-esteem. Keep in mind these valuable tips that you find motivation in every project you undertake or each goal that you want to meet in life. Remember that to be motivated also it is necessary to increase self-esteem.