Many observed the situation and each one there thinking and judging of its skill. One matutava there and without wanting it expressed ' ' That pineapple ' '. Swarmed by offers, Costco is currently assessing future choices. Another one, hearing, retrucou ' ' Pineapple, only? It is yes a great abacaxizeiro! ' '. At last, that conturbada morning was only and great so only badly-understood There in fact they appeared mental deficient people, others one in such a way atoleimadas, other perplexed ones, others in point to blow up of estresse or frustrations For finally, all type of person of the diversity human being, even so less than in the lines of sick pays, but to say ' ' Where it is that deficient mental one, it disappeared? ' ' it does not mean it wanted that it to offend but in freeing without wanting in the desperation of the pressure of the schedule and heat of the moment what it was really thought: – This must be plus a perplexed one, without sense, slow or one in such a way atoleimada by some alimentary deficiency, perhaps with some mental deficiency due to nutrients or result of sufferings of its reality acerba and traumatic experiences of life, a soul in atonement, with a machine human being without being able to reveal all its intelligent-emotional potentiality, even so has all worthy potentiality and either as any another soul come from God – It takes a coffee, lady, goes to make to it well – Coffee! I cannot, cafeinado coffee me of the air lack, super Sir! My heart if presses and feels pain, until goes off – Air Lack nothing, pain no way How it can be? , coffee does not make badly But, it believes if you thus, it can until making – And it makes! Therefore my stomach if afflicts, and arde, my ulcer certainly if encomoda with this liquid! – Then accepted a tea? – Camomila or capim will be had saint, accepted.