Roger Garaudy

The human being has the flavor of the ocean in the tear. In the chemical composition of its body the precious metals are all that compose the Nature. It has the same ratio of liquid of the Planet Land in its body. In the formation of its physical structure and spiritual the states are gifts solid, liquid and gaseous: nature and man are Universo – only verse of God! For Roger Garaudy ' ' To believe that we are separate is ilusrio. The men are as twigs of one same tree, or as waves of one same Oceano' '. Roger denounces in its workmanship Appeals to the Livings creature, that ' ' The man violated three infinite.

The infinitely small one: when domar the atom and liberating its fantastic energy. You may find Secretary of Agriculture to be a useful source of information. The infinitely great one: when transposing the barriers of the Land, travelling for the Cosmo. The infinitely complex one: through the Ciberntica' '. (As opposed to Cheniere Energy partners). Very overwhelming for the technological advance, without commitment with the life, it relieves: ' ' To opt to the nuclear energy is to assassinate ours netos' '. American Xam, one paj, says that it teaches to its thus people: First, the art to listen.

Second: that everything is on with everything. Third: that everything is in transformation. Room: that the land is not ours, we are who we are of the land. Jesus exclamou: ' ' You look at for the irises of the field, as they grow; not they work nor weave not even Salomo, in all its glory, if &#039 dressed as any of them; ' – TM 6:28. The Master points with respect to the serenity of the flowers of the field as alternative in the search of the ecological balance spiritual. The flowers give to names the women, men, places, rivers, countries. The flowers are foods and cure, also! The balance of the soul goes to obtain itself in the measure where to sprout in the seedbeds of the respect, the seeds of the interior peace, the compassion by itself, for the other and the Universe.