Russian Federation

In assessing the Russian Federation is preferable to use methods based on direct correction of money on the values of inflation targets. Moreover, as shown in the work of Professor SPbGIEA PA jacket, inflation has different effects on the quantities of the type of flow (revenue, profit, commissioning funds, etc.) and on the magnitude of such stock (all assets species). In addition, the distortion of various indicators related to the varying conditions of their formation in the accounting system. In accordance with the results of the study design and adjustment of accounting data of various types, necessary for financial and economic estimates and projections should be conducted separately. As the values of inflation indicators, depending on the scope of the company can be used: the price index enterprise vendors, the consumer price index, the values of the base currency devaluation or price index can be calculated for a specific company. 3.

Evaluation of the financial situation of companies in the process of business valuation arises the need for preliminary testing of its financial position. Such testing allows us to obtain important background information about the company being evaluated and perform the calculation of values of the adjustment indicators needed to find the ultimate value of the business. To assess the financial situation of the company must choose a model that allows: to take into account the selected model adjustments to indicators of the impact of inflation; reflect company's financial position at the time of evaluation; establish compliance requirements of the financial condition of the economic security of the company, determine the excess (shortfall) of working capital.