Sauna – a word of Finnish and Saami languages. The heart of the sauna was a pile of hot rocks around which bathers sat under a temporary roof (as well as American Indians in their paired houses). Presumably, the paired facilities such as saunas have been known as the Stone Age, around 6,000 years ago. While pockets of the homes were a round base of several layers of small stones with a recess for a fire. The first wooden saunas in Finland began to build around V-VIII cc. They were one-room log buildings, which a heated fire and smoke (bath in black).

In these early times, the structure was used as a sauna, and a housing. They were a sample of Finnish wood construction techniques that Finnish immigrants have always brought with them, changing their place of residence for many centuries. A similar technique can be seen in the New World For example, the House of the pioneers in New England. Initially the focus of Qurna sauna sauna served domed stone hearth. Nowadays, this focus continues to be used in a smoky sauna. It is perfect for heating bath or living space, but is not suitable for cooking and baking bread. In the xi century, spread to the oven with an oven for baking and cooking department. Thus, in the Finnish economy emerged two types of furnaces: one for the dwelling and the other for a bath. Sauna evolved into a separate house for bathing, although some of the chores are still performed in it.