Shepherd Work

In the animal world, there are few animals as representative of a race as the Shepherd is German for dogs. Outside of his unkind and aggressive appearance that show him in the mass media, such as guard dog, accompanying policemen, squads, special and even military forces the nazis in a highly exploited image-. But beyond that image, the reality is that the vet has created and perfected this race, when, at the end of the 19th century began to be used as a sheep dog (hence its name). As they were spent the years its use was adapting to various activities in addition to those mentioned, as a dog guide, dog of work of rescue, work and an excellent company. Veterinary medicine, in his eagerness to create animals quasi perfect, has unfortunately made that several pure breeds, including German shepherds, result in physical problems that are difficult to correct as this breed typical hip dysplasia. Unfortunately this science train to do so. It is important to rescue this dog to a faithful and heroic and begin to change the uses that as a dog aggressive and attack has been given for a long time. It is also necessary that the veterinary bury past practices, which replace the profit as the motive for their research for dogs and generally animals are more not an object but a companion.