Support Abortion

On countless occasions I have heard the phrase: I’m very Catholic, but to refer to certain topics in which the Catholic Church has a position and as a free thinker, has another. Very clear, for example, were the words of Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani on abortion: when we talk about abortion is eliminate a life, and the Church tells us – fifth commandment – don’t kill. Therefore the position of the Church is not a religion only, but because the abortion goes against natural law, which tells you that you respect life from the moment of conception. Then to what says the Church, together with natural law, what can one, illustrated or not, as a free thinker argued that certain abortions Yes should allow. Someone said that in the event of violation, Yes. If you think so, being Catholic, then you are not Catholic.

Respect to the natural law and the commandments of the Church, is per is in the Catholic, there are no doubts or interpretations. If you’re Catholic or consider yourself Catholic then You must object to abortion. There are no half-measures, nor nor be warm. The book of revelation, Chapter 3, verses 15-16, said: I know your works: you aren’t neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot! But because you are lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will vomit you from my mouth.

Moreover, those who seek abortion are excommunicated. It is not that you excommunicate a Bishop or ecclesiastical authority. The person excommunicates ipso facto. The Catechism says: seek or participate in an abortion or the necessary cooperation so that an abortion is carried out incurs automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication. Here are included those who legislate in favour of abortion, promote it and work to make it reality; also, who induces or forcing women to abort, the doctor, nurse or person that performs it. This penalty prevents the reception of the sacraments and other ecclesiastical acts. It puts the soul of the excommunicated in mortal danger. Profound sentence of Monsignor Adriano Tomasi, Auxiliary Bishop of Lima: the candidate It supports abortion must reflect Dios thank you that when my mom was on tape, not me aborted.