American Psychiatric Association

Many parents are puzzled about ADHD and ask Is ADHD real? How could so many children suffer from it? Why is there no legitimate medical or clinical test which would clinch the diagnosis? There are so many questions and so few definite answers that you can understand why parents are still ask this question ADHD is a legitimate disorder? As usual, there is no black and white answer but rather a grey one. Here are some questions and answers to clear the muddied waters a little, I hope! What the neurologists say OJ? They should know something about the brain! Is ADHD real? Their studies DO show that some parts of the ADHD kids brains are less active than others and some parts are overactive, when compared to normal children. If scans are done, you can see this very clearly if you are qualified enough. Dr. Amen, the famous ADHD researcher is a controversial figure who says that reveal six different against scans of ADHD. He says that doctors or paediatricians just do not know how to read the scans. The scans are expensive and given that doctors do not agree, it is better to focus on the three against which are now established by mainstream medical research. Genetic research is still being carried out so we have no definite answers there yet.

What do you mean by mainstream? If I told you that the most prestigious medical bodies in the world now recognize ADHD as a mental health condition, then there must be some justification in answering the question ADHD is a legitimate disorder? with a resounding yes. The bodies are WHO, National Institutes of Health, the American Medical Association and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). If the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Paediatrics are convinced then I do not think we can dismiss their research into the question is ADHD real? with either indifference or suspicion.