Foreign German Students

Many universities offer foreign students learning English. However, the number of students in Germany is much smaller than in the UK and the U.S., although in a few years, it immediately increases. ” “Opportunities for students Germany is enormous. After two years of speech specialists Studentur (Studentur), they can also stay in the country for another year to look for work and a further five years, if they found her. In addition, many large German companies are going to invest in India. If you have two of work experience in Germany and you are fluent in the language, you can easily fit into the employees of German companies “also said Mr. Rene Hileyn. University of Applied Sciences offers entrants will receive a bachelor’s degree in international business and a master’s degree in international marketing.

(Julich) Research Center, one of the largest centers in the Europe is the most popular among foreign students. “About 40 institutions directly cooperate with the center. Students who have a master’s degree and some experience in research, may join the center for three years, “said Chief of International Relations Research Center Links Gunther. “Research Center in Germany has excellent laboratory and other facilities. German health research, engineering and information technology are internationally known, “adds the official research center Rena Barta. “The Russian students are more interested biotechnological research, despite the fact that in Germany only three institutions that offer this kind of research.

According to her, tuition fees are not much affected by foreign students because they are a large enough stipend. “In our center, students will work part time, but it’s enough with scholarships 1400 euro per month. Student Visa Students wishing to study in Germany must apply for student visa. It was originally issued for a period of three months. Later, it should be extended to all the training. Extending a visa by the Office for Foreigners in Germany. The company Studentur (Studentur) you will help to draw up the documents for the visa. Scholarships and part-time As the company Studentur (Studentur) many of the higher education institutions in Germany funded by the state, so they usually training free of charge or fixed fee. The monthly cost of living in Germany amounts to about EUR 650 (accommodation, food, clothing, textbooks and other expenses). Foreign students are allowed to operate up to four hours in day. Students can search for jobs both within the university, so for him, but knowledge of German is required. In Germany, there are nearly 350 public and private educational institutions that offer more than 400 disciplines. International programs for higher education is highly structured and aimed at attracting foreign students. The language of instruction in the main – English. Received degrees from bachelor to doctor Science.

Nine Altars

We veterans of the festival, attending more than one decade, the scars quite conspicuous. At the parade, we see hundreds of people. Vegetarian Festival is now not only religious but also commercial holiday. Children dressed in T-shirts for hotels, mobile phones, banks, and yellow flags are carried through the vegetarian festival. Officials pass on machines with ice cream and hand out balloons to wish the cooling wafer cups. Among them are decorated with flowers and flags of the machine, pulling a Nine Emperor Gods. On some pickup trucks, women are immersed in a trance, they chanting prayers in the ancient Chinese and sprinkled holy water around. Warriors of the Gods, surrounded by aides carry their heavy burden.

They bless the people of Phuket Town, which put special tables near their homes and shops with offerings ma-song. Everyone tries to get a gift from elected: charms on his hand, blessed with candy or small pieces of yellow cloth with Chinese characters, protecting them from evil spirits. Rounding out the procession of men bearing the brunt of the Nine Altars with Imperial Gods. They hang on long ribbons figurines of gods and firecrackers explode them. The noise is incredible, and smoke enveloped the street, strewn asphalt scraps of red paper to the ankle. By nightfall, it starts the next part of the festival vegetarians.

The temples are set huge ladders, steps which are sharp blades. Featured pass on them without a single drop of blood. By comparison with these, walking on hot coals and bathing in hot oil seems child's play. At the end of the day ma Song gather in temples where the monks, he laid his hands on the Warriors of the Gods, eliminate them from the trance. For says he does not remember what happened during the day. His exploits resemble a strip of adhesive on the cheeks. On the last day of the festival the people of Phuket Vegetarian Nine Emperor Gods escort. Hundreds of men, bare to the zone, are altars with figures of gods. Everywhere squib. The city surrounds a thick pall of smoke, and I think that this is not a happy ending celebration, and the beginning of an unexpected invasion of the enemy. Gods, with honors, was escorted to heaven to a year later they again paid tribute to Phuket with his presence.

Provincial City

The most depraved provincial Ukrainian city – Alexandria. City of Alexandria has grown by radioactive granite stones – probably why people in this town a bit, "mutated" and different from others. What's the difference?: – only in this city, "boil water", ie a synonym coined the phrase "drive air," "soar brains," "wasting time on empty rhetoric …" – only in this city, the relative percentage of millionaires several times higher than in other regions Ukraine – in this city can come in search of love for money and can not find! (It's at 100 000nas.), And if you count what percentage of prostitutes in this city went to work in other places, the "prostitutkoprovod" in Alexandria was would broader than not only the hundred-thousanders Ukraine, but would beat and some polumilionniki … – in this city can come in looking for love without money and find the love for money! or without money, and chances are visitors (guests) are always higher than natives (not counting the popular rich party people-lovers – hunting for them, too …) – the girls in this town more than any other building up nails and eyelashes, a fashionable dress and undress! – As a sports town (a lot of keen on sports, fitness, various kinds of struggle) and promoted by drug addiction – in this town gossip, rumors, slander … can affect the status and credibility, ie, only in this city, Aboriginal trust in less than visitors! – In the city millions of professional hunter can be trained "in love" (probably to "equipment" does not idle …) – only in this city, among my friends is a woman who in public places (Disco, cafes …) the only communication before sex with a new man was delivered to them the phrase – to you or me? Other familiar girl answered the question to you or me? – Here and now! And usually occurs in all toilet. In other cities, usually ask – how much? Girls of Alexandria so deceptively fashionable look that visitors often ask them the same question, hoping to hear the three-digit number – but instead, or silence or three-digit word in a gesture of bending the elbow …

Atlantis Palace Square

Do you love the northern capital of our country as I love her? Maybe like, but not so much. The narrow streets with historic buildings, the air saturated with magic and mystery … St. Petersburg-yard wells and attract fans adventure, and the roofs of the city carry a tremendous energy. Why moan Atlantis Palace Square or why changing faces of sphinxes brought by Peter the Great of Egypt? Maybe they dream of terrible dreams? Atlanteans may too heavy a burden? Visit the Museum of Dreams by Sigmund Freud and you'll come to us from dreams, what they mean. And maybe you'll understand one of the mysteries of the city on the Neva. The city, which attracts thousands of tourists, beautiful, powerful, European, I want to endlessly walk around its streets and breathe the air, to learn its secrets, to absorb its energy. Not surprisingly, in St.

Petersburg worked so many talented people, all of rock music in the 80s born there. Victor Tsoi, Yuri Shevchuk, Boris Grebenshchikov and many other legends lived, worked here. Until now, the city generated talented group, such group 'Monoliza' sexual vocalist Elizabeth Kostyaginoy. Separately, you can talk endlessly about ghosts and ghost's northern capital. They're everywhere, everywhere, legends and myths, but it can and reality? Those who have seen Michael's Castle at night I would.

The residence of Paul I in he was killed 40 days, 40 letters (to your house PODOBAET Holiness to the Lord Bb length of days), 40 years, one death … and every night the ghost of Paul comes to his castle, and visible light candles and hear the steps … All those who were not in this town, it is necessary to visit and see all what is written here. See for yourself the amazing things the city.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

The famous resort town of Zheleznovodsk nice feast for the eyes of its cosiness inherent in small towns, in the photo booklets. Zheleznovodsk located on the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and was one of the resort towns of the region, making the journey to it is not only informative but also useful for health. Iron Mountain as a high pyramid covered with alpine grass and towered proudly guarded from behind Zheleznovodsk. It was this mountain town and gave the name and mineral springs, making it a place in the famous resort, the cherished goal to heal the suffering of a dozen diseases. Location of the city under the mountain and hills and was a plus, the difference in atmospheric pressure at the resort, allowing guests to raise the tone, and use the park for Terrenkur resort-climatic treatment. All these factors, professionally, for many years, enjoyed all the resort Zheleznovodsk. Zheleznovodsk resort park was a park of natural origin.

Its very nature has raised on the slopes of the Iron and gave us a people. To reach the resort town on the car and you can train, but is the most appropriate road transport, as the rail service is not permanent, and to do an uncomfortable transfer to the station Beshtau. Very interesting to drive into town by car, you first see the mountains surrounding Zheleznovodsk – it's already mentioned Iron Mountain, Mount Medov Razvalka and a number of other mounds. Then open the picture and a small cozy town vyrulivaya right along the road you turn right at him. A little more time and you're in town.

Highway smoothly flows into the main street of Zheleznovodsk, which are: health centers, railway station, the mud baths and other construction of the city. The road was in a sanatorium to them. Thalmann, primarily because there was not too expensive and we were fascinated by the opportunity to visit the resort, which owns the former summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara, the golden lion this fairy palace in the Arabic style. We do not have to wander around the city as a sanatorium im.Telmana was in close proximity to the main street, along which we drove into town. Total small rise in stone steps, bordered by trees and we have glass doors resort. A little more and we took two rooms that are booked in advance, as they were experienced travelers who know that in this case everything must be done in advance, for those wishing to visit the beautiful and charming resort town of Zheleznovodsk and without us it was always full.

Chinese Money

Artists sign their paintings traditionally red wax paint, putting a signature by Jade stamp. Supporters of feng shui recommend red for the expulsion of the house of bad energy. I want to draw a parallel with the red color of the Slavs: in Russian, this color was also held in high esteem, the bride went to the villages and down the aisle in red sarafans a 'beautiful' and 'red' is simply synonymous with the Slavs. Take, for example the Red Square. Better yet, take the lovely maiden:). Here are unlike us modern Chinese do not change their historic attachment red color. Maybe this has something? ..

Chinese note. Money, money, Yuan. Part 3: The national currency of China, everybody knows it – the yuan. This is what we all know, we know! They do not know if you are already at the highest level there is talk that the dollar As an international currency standard zazhilsya too. You can certainly argue that the rumors of the death of the dollar are exaggerated, but … I wonder still, what is the absolute money supply on a global scale (in which you want expression, even in tons!) dollars or yuan? After all, the Chinese, like it or not, to put it mildly, a lot: one in four on the ground …

Yuan – it scientifically, but if it simply, that the yuan renminbi. This is not a sparrow figushki show! About as. Yuan is divided 10 and 100 fyney zao. Pretty nice paper money, coins are fairly common in terms of aesthetics.

Popular Tram

The story of world history tram tram tram started with – a horse-drawn tram. The first tram saw the people of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1828. Next tram has evolved, and horses replaced the rope pull. It happened in 1880 in San Francisco. Rope, which pulled the rolling stock, safety was placed in a special trench, laid between the rails.

Incidentally, the first tram on the cable-drawn successfully lasted until our days, and today is one of the main attractions of San Francisco. In between these two technologies in some cities in Russia and Europe worked Petrol trams. However, high levels of noise and exhaust gases are not allowed Petrol trams to find widespread application. Since then, the electric tram has changed little. Improved electric motors, salon became more comfortable and safe for passengers. But the basic principle of electric traction and control trams survived intact. Trams cities of Greece in Greece tram appeared already in the twentieth century.

In 1910 the first tram line was laid in Athens. The first tram of Athens, and it was antiquated trolley, carried passengers on the center of the Greek capital just a few hours a day, preferably morning and evening. Electric tram appeared in Greece relatively late, only at the end of 1920. Tram solved the transport problems in Athens until 1964, when the then authorities have decided to abandon the tram because of high cost of laying new and Support working condition of the old lines. Athens tram only revived 44 years, on the eve of the Olympic Games.