Vaclav Havel

Match those skilled in the art, and I understand that they are not wrong, when they point out that for forming the character of a person, without a doubt, we need some basic needs. Namely: affection, warmth, food i.e. all stimuli necessary, and at the same time complementary, to learn to discern between good and evil. By the contrary, contrary to the above needs under: psychic or psychological, abandonment, lack of affection, lack of understanding the children tend to develop a fearful and doubtful character: they lose the love of life, and they become broken toys of lifetime, which many people (badly named this way) violate and tend to get rid of them. I’m talking about realities, that rather than fictions. Here’s why appear in the family environment children lonely. Our current society has become permissive and complacent, to such an extent, that everything seems us well, and we’ve stopped thinking, to not complicate life.

Nice scene! We move forward along a path that seems wrong, in many cases, tolerant, and as a result we find ourselves immersed in a cluster of defects (moral imperfections): there are defects of family, status, occupation, age, etc. If all these defects coincide in an individual and do not prevent with prudence and efficiency, are helping to form an intolerable monster, a kind of Superman in terms of ideas, that takes us from one side to another without time limitations to the space. Vaclav Havel, playwright former President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia (1993-2003), said in his day to several Rotary Spaniards: tolerance begins to be a weakness when the man begins to tolerate intolerable things, when it begins to tolerate evil.Asked if he knew the border between them, said: Unfortunately there are no computer mathematician that can secure the border. This depends on the moral and ethical sense. La Coruna, 29 April 2011 Mariano Cabrero is writer Copyright photography updated original author and source of the article.

Valencian Republicanism

Mexico was a wound open in our history. Errors have perhaps been many and the mistakes of both parties too. Why need to celebrate this new predictable stage our dialogue and our friendship. The country. (Editorial of March 18, 1976).

THE voice of the Minister for the Republic on March 18, 1976, Jose Maldonado, President of the Spanish Republic in exile issued the cancellation of the recognition of Mexico to the Republican government, which was then as head of Government, Fernando Valera and as Vice President and Minister of emigration and internal to Julio Just. The Republican politician, writer and journalist Julio Just Gimeno was born in Alboraya, Valencia, on March 5, 1894 and died in Paris on October 30, 1976. He first studied in his native city and from a very young man was linked to the blasquismo ideology deeply rooted, at that time, in Valencia. He was Secretary of the Republican nationalist youth. He studied engineering in Madrid and, thanks to a scholarship, he finished his studies in Paris.

His work focused in journalism and translation. He was regular collaborator of El Pueblo, organ of the PURA (Union Republicana Autonomista of exclusively Valencian field party). He was a mason and had a very active participation in the creation and publication of magazines and Valencian Republican newspapers: renovation, La Voz Valenciana, Alma Joven, Valencia Nova, Taula de Lletres Valencianes, etc. In 1924 he presided over the House of democracy, seat of the Valencian Republicanism. In 1928 he attended the burial of Vicente Blasco Ibanez, as representative of the Republican institutions of Valencia. On April 14, 1931, he proclaimed the second Republic from the balcony of the Town Hall of Valencia. He won the Act of Deputy in three legislatures in the second Republic, in the first two, elections of 1931 and 1933, as blasquista, and in the third, election of 1936, after cause a split in 1934, to ask for a Estat Valencia in a federal Spain as a militant of the new Valencian Esquerra which are then integrated into the Popular Front coalition.