Effective Management

Observations of the day head. In conducting research was struck by the role structure of behavior. Moreover, in the context of mandatory guidelines were six roles: "The researcher"; "Teacher," "surety," "planner," "Caring", "scoffers." The role of "researcher" researcher mainly performs the following actions: 1) maps the mental blocks of subordinates in order to transfer them to change the teacher, and 2) improves your map representations of processes occurring in the enterprise, and these may include checking assignments. As far as they are, what we want? It would be nice to use metamodel and calibration. During calibration characteristic beavertail glance and position observer". Role teacher" subordination usually difficult execute assignment leader in that form he he suggests. It is not typical for his views. He has to step over their beliefs, or to work in a few uncomfortable or unknown to him the form.

The teacher's role – to destroy the belief neekologichnoe subordinate and replace it with a more applicable. Ie, first loosens the old belief, and then propose a new one. Usually, at this stage it is very applicable any verbal strategy. The role of "guarantor" The task of the surety to describe the result that he wants to get from a subordinate, in terms of Wachovia. Let me explain it in detail.

In order to explain the man that he should do well to consider that the human brain does not understand spoken words, he understand images. Images of the easiest to create a trance situation. But what if there is no opportunity or time to direct trans? We need to create a sustainable manner. Image – is not only an image, image. Full image – this is sounds, sensations, images, all these people understand. It is his experience. The entire image of the result can also be called a VAC-result. That is, the visual – auditory – kinesthetic result.