Extra Laptop

If as a partition you use a sideboard, one item from the list can be ruled out. However, there are others: bed, nightstand for equipment, wardrobe, desk and chair (or couch), a bedside table … This list each may vary differently. Assume the table and can be discarded, especially if the band you have provided only working and sleeping and comfortable ottoman to put in front of the TV in the corner of working area. Working with a laptop? Then you either what cumbersome computer desk, you can buy a lightweight and translucent table for the laptop, the lid is barely larger than the area of the notebook. Add to that comfortable chair – and your immediate work area ready, while it hardly covers an area of more than 2 square meters.

There is a place for the puffs, and audio systems, and racks of books and discs. The bedroom also have to be a bed (fixed or folding), and actually, everything. As for the dining area, a kitchen interior, at least, no need to divide into the zone! Just pick the right kitchen set in accordance with the size of the room, and if there is no money in the kitchen, buy everything separately! So, by the way, you and the kitchen will be able to release more space. Incidentally, the issue with the area is extremely important. Of course, when business professionals involved, the problems with the extra inches will not arise, because they were in any case will have to adapt if somewhere they made mistakes.