Innovative Projects

Innovative projects with the latest technology and the use of modern robotics and automation. Robots on the Euro-SIW-IMPORT Welding robots. Production of robots and manipulators. Shop robots. Industrial robots, modules, systems, accessories. ROBOT. INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS EURO-SIW-IMPORT. INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS FOR PRODUCTION.

Welding robots. Develop and supply welding, industrial robots, robotic complexes (RTC) on the basis of industrial robots firms: KUKA, FANUC, HYUNDAI, GUDEL and others to offer welding systems: Selection of robots, welding power sources: KEMPPI, FRONIUS, ELMATECH. Development of colorectal cancer and layout Fabrication and installation of components RTC RTC Programming for welding of your products Training Service Extras: Suggestions for planning the welding area of 3-D design and welding RTC Simulation of complex tooling and welding process in the program KUKA Sim., Fanuc. Calculation of welding time and productivity of complex documentation and user interface RTC in Russian for the preparation of technical and commercial proposals Industrial robots fill out a questionnaire. The completed questionnaire should be sent by e-mail octopus1 () Robots. Gudel AG – the largest manufacturer of industrial robots with high precision the movement of "goods" from 10 kg to 3000 kg.

Gudel AG has general agreements on cooperation with 12 companies, manufacturers of anthropomorphic robots ABB, KUKA, Fanuc, HYUNDAY, etc. The reference to implement joint projects with industrial and welding robots. The journal "Expert. Equipment "published an article on product Godel AG. Please forward to technologists and designers in the adjacent research institutes to enterprises, use in industrial projects. Machine tool companies in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Czech Republic South Korea, China, India, using robots and modules for Godel machine tools, presses and machining centers.

New Drilling Technology 2011

Despite the crisis that hit the economy of almost all countries in the world does not stop progress in the development of technology used in basic industries. This applies to the development of drilling drilling techniques and technologies in the former Soviet Union. This means that even in difficult times of crisis are economically justified new developments aimed at improving the drilling equipment, equipment and drilling tools. Those who continue to invest in these issues, first, reduces the costs of exploration, mining, search for water, etc., which is favorable for the economies of the whole, and secondly, gets a significant advantage on the existing market before their competitors in their own countries and globally. So the industry's leading companies in Russia – Plant. Vorovskogo Geomash of NGO "Gemmash", OAO "MBS", OAO "SKB" Geotechnics "and others are constantly working to develop a new drilling equipment and tools, improve the old, well-established technique in the work. No wonder many countries in the Middle East and Africa CIS equipment prefer technology in Western Europe, America and Japan. And in the ratio of price – quality is often the best home appliances has no competitors in Volume and number in comparison with inexpensive Chinese hardware.

One of the leaders in the development and introduction of new technologies in their equipment and tools is the NGO "Gemmash." The cornerstone of the existence of the company delivered three components: – the improvement produced by drilling rigs – Design and technological support and the modernization of production – the development of drilling equipment the new generation. Latest developments may please the entire range of manufactured products association: mobile drilling rigs, drilling tools, deep drilling, fixed installations, etc. From mobile drilling rigs recommend the installation of two modern, their characteristics, surpassing competitors analogues: exploratory drilling unit URB-5AG Topol (instead of the traditional DRM-2a2) and multi-purpose drilling rig MBU-20 (Superior LBU-50 analogue). And other equipment, as well as the drilling tool "Gemmasha" will fulfill all expectations. There is no doubt that such products will in the near future worthy place in the large and small industry enterprises.