A device that is worn on the wrist and is used to display the current time and measuring time intervals – a wristwatch. In the modern world, especially popular with quartz, mechanical, electronic watches hours. The very first clock appeared in the early xix century, which were created for Eugene Beauharnais. Further, in the late nineteenth century were successful pocket watch, but this time it was the military began to wear a wristwatch. This unit was recognized at the beginning of xx century. Wristwatch with a mechanical mechanism – a clock which used weight-lifting or spring energy. At all times, the specialists, who repaired and manufactured wristwatches called watchmakers.

From the standpoint of art, watches have the name – the symbol of time. Buy a watch is not complexity, but especially today. There are many shops with an amazing choice of hours. You can buy a watch in e-shop. Clock with the mechanics still inferior to the accuracy of the quartz and electronic. Because of this today an indispensable tool in mechanical clocks go into a symbol of prestige. Wrist watches, mechanical, as well as other mechanisms that require constant inspection, cleaning, lubrication and control precision.

Better to do it once in 3-4 years in the service center, which is listed, that is attached to the passport hours. This is a very important condition because at the opening of the body, even the smallest speck of dust that gets into gear, can spoil the accuracy of the clock due to increased friction. Need to wind the watch once you have removed them from his hands. This way, you eliminate uneven pressure, the office puts pressure on the crown, which is one of the most vulnerable time components. Watch that hand wound, you must start at the same time. It is necessary to rotate the crown clockwise clockwise until it stops. Hours that a car factory, the best start once a week, it provided that you're wearing them every day. In a mechanical watch should not engage in extreme sports, work tool baffle, etc. The durability and accuracy of the clock affects the recoil, which themselves take hours.