Germany Burnout

“Since I’m learning people themselves in a very short time to relax”, tells Renz has acquired through numerous training courses and seminars additional qualifications. Calm and relaxed as in the past, but what exactly is under a Naturentspannungs trainer to ver-stand? Renz defines his work as a personal coach who works with clients in the nature. Learn dive into nature and relaxation techniques that really work. Quickly, efficiently and sustainably! This is the key to his success. There is always a one to one care”, Renz explained the principle. The training itself expires on proven techniques. From morning Yoga technology some trekking in nature and specifically guided exercises around the head to get free.

Then learn relaxation techniques, which are measurable Erfolge. Normally, the brain waves of people have a frequency of 14 to 21 Hertz per second. Stress this increase to up to 40 Hertz. Through the application of he-relaxation techniques, learned changed the frequency on 7 to 13 Hertz (within a matter of minutes and the EEG to measure). Almost everyone by 20 minutes meditation can achieve the same effect. But his we honestly, Renz says: who’s in our hectic times nor the Leisure to meditate every day a half, or even an hour”. Who once learned the techniques from Renz, can apply at any time, at any place and also several times on the day.

Depending on requirements, quickly and efficiently. The imminent danger of Burnout round people are considered 3 million in Germany Burnout at risk. Almost no one knows how he can protect. After 3 days of training in nature against stress, so the company by Renz, is called you are again those who were many years ago! They are the everyday challenges in the profession with ease against go and your family and friends can meet again, Renz promises. Clearly almost everyone can learn the art of meditation, or some other form of relaxation, but quite honestly, who makes it? Unhealthy stress caused controversy, anxiety, burnout and depression.