OK, not a breeze.Men and women are different. AHA Yes, we all know that, but do we really understand what it means and how this affects the topics of conversation to talk to women? Unfortunately, most of the types have no idea when it comes to conversation. The general impression is that women are shallow and speak of things that are meaningless for a type.That is true to an extent. Women Yes discuss things with her friends that the men are not interesting.That’s why we doubt everytime we must choose conversation topics to talk about with women. You have no clue of how to talk about these things. Guess what. Neither of the women!A woman can easily choose conversation topics to talk to other women, because all understand what is interesting about these topics.Ask a woman you talk to you about these topics to a type and it will be confused.She knows that you don’t have any real interest in these things.She knows that you are not related to the talks.So it takes a completely different direction.

Women talking to women in a very different way to speak to the men.In the same way, you talk to other men in a way and women in another.You’re challenged when it comes to conversation topics to talk about with women because you don’t know what she wants, how he thinks, or what feels like.Usually, that is exactly what he wants. All about relationships with women. If the relationship does not feel good, she won’t want to it. When a woman is talking about you what you are really doing is shopping.You try to see if your topics of conversation to speak to women make it feel good.If they don’t, you are not at the height.It is as simple as that.While women say that men see them as a piece of meat, the truth is that they are making purchases. There are stages in the conversation by which a man has to go through women. These are not conjectures.ES a formula that can be learned by any guy who really wants to know the topics of conversation to speak to women.How to talk to a woman when you mention it, is the level is one.

How to talk in the first appointment is another. How to talk to her after the first appointment is another. If you don’t have a plan of action defined for the three levels, you will not obtain good results. If you would like to view a free VIDEO me approaching women attractive in the real world, starting interesting conversations, creating traction and obtaining phone numbers and appointments, then watch this free video now: original author and source of the article