Geography and Science

Geography is the science that studies the space, also describes its formation and its transformations. In this way, it searchs to tell to the geographic space and the relation man-nature, relating society and nature. Thus being, it describes landscapes, relives, hidrografias, populations and cultures, that is, it works with natural and human phenomena. A. F. Chief of Staff understood the implications. The area of performance of geography in the contemporaneidade was extended sufficiently, therefore at other times the gegrafos were limited to especially act it come back to the studies of physical phenomena of the surface of the Land, with passing of the years Geography extended its field of performance, developing research that had as object a great number subjects that said respect to the man and the space, as will see in elapsing of this article. Today, the gegrafo has each time more options in the work market, either it professor, bachelor, researcher or acts more than in one or these fields, since that is perfectly cabvel. The technological advances that had propitiated the modern equipment development to be used for the gegrafos, the example of: software sophisticated for elaboration of maps, that count on the aid of satellites and radars to facilitate and to perfect the collection of data, much collaborated so that the market if still more opened the geography professionals..

Jequitib Culture

It is land of a glad and hospitable, full people of expectations with the growth, people poet and with musicada soul, marking always with creativity of details all the festividades of its calendar. In more recent times, it is dated of day seven of July of 1991, diverse gifts local authorities and of other cities, the illustrious folclorista Frei Chico- great singer, composer and entertainer Saulo Laranjeira and its numerous caravan, gifts also, the ambassadors of the mining folklore of Jose Teixeira and its Maz wife; great team of photographers and cinegrafistas; you still represent the diverse segments of the popular culture, represented for groups of the localities, professors, colleges student, folcloristas. Mayor de Jequitib- Geraldo Saturnine Antonio and representatives of the local administration, all these, for unamimity, had proclaimed Frei Chico as Governor of the Mining State of the Folklore and divulgador lieutenant governor of the cultural roots, the singer Saulo Laranjeira. They had been these ' ' majestades' ' that later they had nominated officially, the city however in focus, was recognized as Capital Miner of the Folklore. City this that was first, that the news is had to acquire this heading in Minas Gerais. Thus you vary had been the soerguidas manifestations, many of this still in prominence in the calendar of festividades of Jequitib. With the officialization of this heading, the jequitibaense people felt itself honored so that, for the recognition and valuation of its culture, He more saw each time pledged in the propagation and revitalizao of this folclrica History. Today, great parts of the manifestations the same survive with brightness and creativity, but with modernity others spaces had been appeared, data wing to the participation of youth, as for example, the FestiVelhas that adds all the artistic groups of the city and region. An open window to the eyes of who search quality, beauty, joy and sensitivity of a simple and diligent people.