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Our bigger problem is not the poverty nor the inaquality: it is aeducao of our people, our children. To educate them is to teach to values elasque does not depend on origin, creed, color or social classroom. We are a great nation and we live odd moment in history Brazilian fury. To believe it is enough to be coherent and impartial looking at paranosso passed comparing it the days that we live in the gift. Certamenteestaremos enters the five bigger powers in next the 20 years.

Gilsa Helena Barcellos

However with the advent of the democratization and the constitution of 1988, first one to foresee the debate on the environment as basic for the development of the country, new plans of development are elaborated, institutionalize the popular participation without, however to guarantee to them half for an effective the intervention in the routes of the new model of development, on this question Gilsa Helena Barcellos it makes the following consideration. The new speech of the sustainable development gradually is constructed and legitimated. For this, according to Arturo Escobar, the capital assisted for the State and science makes use of sophisticated instruments. A new process of capitalizaton is initiated. Now in imaginary the social one: the cooptao of collective citizens in the game of the conservation. (BARCELLOS, 2008, p.111) As to understand the ambient question it stops beyond the common sense? As to question the loss of the local identity, the memory and proper history, when the society between &#039 is placed; ' atrasado' ' modern e? As to understand ' ' lgica' ' of the sustainable development when the damages are real and are in the scale the improvement of the quality of life in exchange for socioambientais damages? As to acquire knowledge the population that all and any process of development is on to the interests of the capital, which has a logic of performance defined clearly? This direction we believe that it is function of the State as inductive of all this process not to be only in the speech of the construction of the consensus around interests that in fact are very on this side of the reality of the population of the region, is necessary that the population understands that the process of decision on the space questions is, and must be conflituosa and that for this the representation and the conscientious participation as opposition form the marginality and social responsibility in processes that they say respect itself its social representation.