Football Club

The survey 16.11.2006g. UE "Minskproekt" section of this stairs found that at present staircase from the room number 164 in the basement is not fit even as technological. It no lower stage and the fence. Pipes laid over the stairs reduce its width to 500 mm. (Project 1000 mm.). A related site: Secretary of Agriculture mentions similar findings. Hazardous factors that influence the victim was a staircase that does not meet the requirements of regulations, technical regulations. varied view. 3.

Circumstance accident. October 20, 2006 watchman state institution "Football Club" P.A.V. prepared for transmission shifts to a colleague. About 6 hours 55 minutes in the morning he went down to the basement to turn off lighting of outdoor advertising. When a moment later, he went upstairs to the office janitor sitting area R.V.F. and recorded in the register of the parish of cleaners during his arrival on the job. The log recorded during 6:00 and 55 minutes. P.A.V.

went to the TV, located in the lobby to view the news program. R.V.F. got up and went downstairs, where there was a technical corridor in which the cleaners keep their tools. At 7:00 P.A.V 05 minutes passed the change of V.V.M. watchman. Around 7:00 came 20 minutes V.A.N. cleaner. She went to a technical corridor and found lying on the floor near the basement stairs leading from the technical corridor in this basement, R.V.F. V.A.N. doorman called V.V.M. that examined the victim and called the car "ambulance", which brought the victim to the 9th city hospital, where he was diagnosed as an open, severe traumatic brain injury: an acute intracerebral hematoma with a fireplace and an injury break in the subdural space.