Since implemented the latest changes to the algorithm of Google, basically Panda and Penguin, how to choose the best keywords has also undergone modifications. The search engine requires us not to repeat a single keyword or a small group of keywords until the boredom, nor include the link for the same link. Quality is the key to good use of keywords. The link can only be used when you provide relevant information to the user, and not as a way to handle the search engine results. For this reason, the creation of texts to help organic positioning must follow this basic idea. No longer felt viralize an item or multiple items with the same keyword, but what should motivate the Webmaster to write a posting is the idea of offering relevant and fresh information to users.

This does not mean that articles directories can not be used as a valid way to get inbound links. Yes must change what the intention of its articles, already not they will only be destined to achieve inbound links but that they must provide something new that the user has not read beforehand. It is very interesting to delve into the concept of quality that Google handles. Something new can be a collection of information that will allow the user performs a comparison of services. For this there must include never before seen notions or ideas, but to what mind in this case would be the way that presents information, which would give the user a new point of view, increasing the information available.