Mount Technology

In this regard, certainly need to repair windows. Fixing the window sill: Lower sill has a groove ('dovetail'), it ensures a reliable fixation in the application of construction dissolve. When the sill is mounted above the radiator, it is desirable to leave the gap is not menshe10 cm between the battery and the bottom surface of the sill. Credit: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital-2011. Window sills made of wood window sills for the highest quality wood is used precious wood, ash, maple, oak, beech … But it is possible to use simpler and window sills such as pine, because it is more valuable than the more expensive type of wood sill. During the process of preparing the wood is dried, polished, surface treated with mastic from natural vegetable oils and waxes.

Most running sills – pine, oak and buka.Naprimer, products from more ash oak by 30%, but this wood warps less and, hence, it keeps the formu.Podokonniki entirely from solid wood rather expensive. But a specially constructed multi-sills, as well as glued (width) of the slats. For higher density layers have so that the fibers of wood placed cross. To broaden your perception, visit Sonny Perdue. Bonding is performed at high temperature and pressure. Then the workpiece is applied protective coating (antiseptic pastes, varnishes or paints) to protect the material from moisture and ultraviolet radiation. If the sill is made without disturbing technology, its wood has a moisture content 7-9%, the surface does not crack and long retains its beauty. But the wooden windowsills needed care. They can not sop much water to clean abrasive materials solvents.

Dust dry erase or slightly damp tryapkoy.Zhelatelno 3-6 years to put on the surface of the sill varnish, wax or special chemicals. If you have wooden window sills are quite expensive, you sills can get from a solid slab HDF (10 mm) with glued wood veneer to it (2 mm) and it will not be different from the present timber. Mount Technology sills of different materials Mount Technology for window sills made of different materials, almost the same. Since the installation of the sill, and protect its surface from mechanical damage: Wrap the cardboard or foams. Remove protective packaging just in time of the installation. From the side of the window sill face very well missed neutral silicone sealant with fungicide additives that prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Then the window sill Get into the gap under the frame and vystavte level on wooden lighthouses (slope – 1% towards the floor). In this position, fasten the window sill. To do this you need wooden blocks (30-40mm). They are set between the upper slope vraspor and auxiliary board, placed on a windowsill. Under the ends of the bars are inserted into wedges. Much easier to mount the stone window sills: they do not swell up and not crack under the influence of varying humidity and temperature. If put the same window sills made of wood or MDF-board, in places touching the wall (under the plaster of the slope), they are insulated liner sheet penopropilena (foam). The edges of the sill, falling plaster (Typically 2.5 cm on each side of the board), wrap the foams and after plastering the slopes obrezhte knife flush with the wall. Cavities under the sill uniformly treat the foam Macroflex. Time fully cured foam – 24 hours. After that, remove the spacers and lighthouses and can carry out further finishing work. WWW.STROITELSTVODOMOV.COM

Working Kitchen

However, most mobile option for the working world in the kitchen is a lamp to 'Pin'. No responsibility: support – does not fit – took off. Brilliant! Lighting kitchen and dining room Modern kitchen are reasonably free approach to planning. Working the front does not need to be extended along the walls, it can be located, for example, in the middle of the room. In this way, can be created quite a lot of layout options – from a narrow high-tops for food 'on the move' pending in the center of the kitchen equipment. Such a plan requires a certain approach to the coverage as a location for the lights, but the ceiling does not have enough. Axis lighting shall not extend beyond the contour of the working surface, and best of all, if they intersect with the axis of the tabletop. The light from the hanging lamp should not be hit in the eye, so the scattering 'milk' or metallic shades in this case are the best solution.

The number and power sources specifically selected in each case. If in the middle of the kitchen stove is placed, it is advisable to equip the workspace solid extract with powerful built-in lights. With overhead ambient lighting there will be enough for all kitchen affairs. The light above the dining table lighting kitchen and dining So we know that the most important events take place at the table, the light in the dining area must special attention. Dishes with food should be well lit and as the faces of your companions at the table.

Creating the mood for a meal, not only do general light. Kitchen and dining room lighting suspension or chandelier over the table, which distributes light to all sides, is ideal and allows you to position high above the lighting fixture table. Kitchen and dining room lighting directional light should be placed below, not to dazzle guests.


From under which the pipe? The initial use of the pipe can tell a lot about the buyer about its condition, but a full picture of it will not. In this lies the possibility of error when choosing or buying b / u tube blindly. If you can not see b / y pipe, the preliminary impression of the pipe can be obtained by comparing the bid price using the original b / y pipe. About: if the pipe is out of gas in the "average" is 18 000 rubles / ton., out of oil – 16000 rubles / ton, and from under the water 14 000 rubles / ton, if offered anything less, it is probably worse than the "average", and vice versa. With regard to the purchase b / a Pipe. Everything would be much easier, if not a huge number of intermediaries, which are very strongly attracted by the aftermarket pipes. Here the market can be divided into three groups.

The first group – people (organizations) that are directly owned b / a of pipeline (b / a branch, w / a whip), or they themselves with the contractors dismantling the pipe, and typically sell it to the field (from the disassembly). Accordingly, buying a tube of these people, you buy a tube of "first hand", and hence there and the price is lowest. The second group – is an infinite number of intermediaries, which tend to have information about the tube, but goes so far to go watch the tube, so as not to buy a "pig in a poke", they say that the pipe can not see, Referring to a photo, or that the pipe from the gas, and bad it can not be. In fact, it is not true, and sometimes arrived at the place of dismantling, you will see quite frankly, "scrap metal" instead of the promised ideal tube.

Warm Floor

Even last year I had a great desire to send the entire system utilities (probably no words to understand?) And make his own apartment heating system … but how? Which system choose? Who will? A lot of problems … I decided to make an electric floor heating, but his wife was against it, but because arguing with a woman it useless, then we started to learn about Radiant floor … After a long walk across the expanses of the Internet in mind formed indigestible mess. Construction companies do not disclose their secrets. Who wants to share the profit technology? Now, thanks to new technologies and modern materials, manufacturing floor heating has become accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, education, skills and technology available to reveal no one wants. Today, private master, and many construction firms to easily make warm floors in the new technologies and make this a very good money! Because the cost such floor is half the market value paid by the customer …

A big ‘mad’ for this is not necessary. If you want to learn how to make warm water on their own floors, you’ve got, only two alternatives: Learning from the private master (if he wants to teach you) and find a video course for learning on the computer … I stopped for a second option. First we can study the theory at any time and “video-master” you can rewind and listen to as much as you .. And then during the installation of such a field with his hands, at any moment I can see something that does not understand … and if something seems not fully understood, you can always ask a question to the author of a video course in customer service. And this video course, oddly enough, found! Too late to be true, but better late than never. And after completing this course, my brain cleared and I began to mount its own heating system … Wish me success!

Different Types Of Window Sills

Make installation a window? In assembling the window sill assembly necessarily includes different types of window sills. Sill as an important technical element of the window system, delays getting cold in the house from outside and prevents the output of heat from inside the premises. If a glass window '> of the condensation on the slope of the sill, he stekaet.I this important element of the window greatly simplifies the maintenance window, when closing and opening the vents when hanging curtains, and window washing. Sill can decorate the interior of each house, a small cottage and a luxury cottage. Sunday Mostly sills are made of wood, which before this special impregnated and protected with special paints.

Great demand model polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profile, laminated MDF-panels, natural stone and composite materials. Sills get into the store in the form of long-treated fabric-width and thickness along the length of cut to order. Installation of plastic window sills to install PVC window sills do not need special tools or Special skills. System installation of plastic window sills sill can be very simple prosta.Otrezat saw, jigsaw, grinder, cutting just have to be carried out carefully to avoid scratching the surface window sill and chipping on site cutting. After cutting the ends of the sill closed special decorative covers.

From the side of the window sill to end a very good fluff neutral silicone sealant with fungicide additives that prevent the formation of mold and mildew. The plugs are chosen to fit the window sill and window sill krepleniya.Fiksatsiya method depends on the surface on which you install podokonnik.I even width sill is very important, depending on the width of the window sill a normal air circulation in the area of the sill, she in no event shall not be violated. Violation leads to disastrous consequences and creates many problems such as condensation on double glazing windows and slopes, mold and many others.

Installation Of Metal

This guide provides all the necessary information on installation of the roof of metal. Before you begin installation, read these instructions. The figure shows the names of the parts of the roof the roof 1. Roofing films 2. Crate 3. Curtain bracket 4.

Metal 5. Snegoupornaya bar 6. Cross-outs 7. The internal junction 8. Seals 9.

Ridge plate 10. End plate 11. Wall spout 12. Downspout 13. Ladder 14. Catwalk Ventilation under roof deck metal tile roof accumulates under rising from the warm interior air, contributing to moisture condensation. This can be avoided by using structure in which warm air is cooled to ambient temperature without the occurrence of condensation. Prevents condensation and thorough insulation, drainage grooves on the roofing sheets and ventilation. For good reason the roof ventilation is done so that air can circulate freely from the eave to the ridge. Ventilation holes are placed on the highest points of the roof. Warehouses and cold attics aired through the end window. In very damp buildings, a more effective ventilation. On the roofs of buildings at the base installation under roof tiles left a gap (min. 50 mm) for ventilation gap between the lower surface of the roof and insulation material. To do this, pick up a crate of 50 mm to ventilate the underside of the pad. In order to prevent moisture from under the ridge on the crate, a skate set the seal strip. Fig. 5 ventilated by a roof ridge with the separation of air streams. The roof should give their ventilation air is always with the same hand, in order to ensure normal ventilation. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of condensation. The solution: the establishment of ridge board, which is part of the roof structure. Board installed on the ridge run, forming a separator between the two halves of the roof.

Universal Silicone Sealant

Some of the most difficult operating conditions for any building materials, including for sealants, are in the bathrooms and kitchens. High moisture, temperature extremes, mechanical load – all it takes the highest quality materials. With a sufficient volume of work should take advantage of a specialized silicone sealant universal. But what if suddenly there was a crack in the countertop by the sink, or in toilet cistern, suddenly the crack in the bathroom or kitchen? Right thing to do 'real' repair using specialized tools. A quick fix to a small 'accident' advise to take advantage universal sealant MAKROSIL AA or AX. Universal silicone composition has an almost complete set of specialized sanitary sealant properties, except for some smaller amount of anti-fungal additives, it will quickly and efficiently to provide 'first aid' in the bathroom and kitchen, close up the gap between the window and the wall, used for restoration of shallow false ceilings, wall coverings – with the appearance of repaired the surface is not affected.

Moisture and heat silicone transcend, in fact – with no water vapor can not cure them. Universal silicone sealants have a high adhesion properties – they are easily 'Stick' to almost any surface. All silicone sealants are different frost. Especially good they manifest themselves to the wood. Universal sealants have a high rate (compared with specialized sanitation) curing, film-forming and produce less shrinkage upon drying. Given the lack of time, these properties are sufficient advantage.

For example, when working in the country, while often limited, and the result is needed quickly. Nevertheless, even in these properties are in demand, such as insulation or glazing of balconies, loggias, installing exterior doors. Resistance to weather and temperature changes, high UV-resistant silicone makes the universal extremely convenient when working outdoors. Universal sealant is among the most inexpensive. Available in wide color range of the universal sealers: clear (colorless), white, beige, brown and black colors.