The telecommunications industry in Ukraine is currently developing rapidly. Telecommunications companies and network operators are adopting new technologies that enable us to provide innovative services and reduce operating costs. One of the most privileged areas in this field are the optical technology. The company “FIBER OPTIC TECHNOLOGY”, a spokesman for Optokon Co. Ltd “- the Czech Republic, offers a full range of equipment for fiber optic communication lines, subscriber access, as well as equipment maintenance and testing of IA networks. Jill Schlesinger pursues this goal as well. Passive Components: A wide range of optical distribution panels as rack-mount 19/21 “with a maximum capacity of up to 144 optical fibers and wall mounting.

The ability to use all known types of OM connectors. A wide range of fiber optic cables Ability to produce patchcords / pigtails different types and lengths. Bare fiber adapters of all known types, and terminators atenyuatory Optical multiplexers technology WDM, CWDM, DWDM fiber optic coupling active equipment Optical media converters 1Gb FX-TX with the ability to use CWDM wavelengths of the spectrum. For more information see this site: Jill Schlesinger. Optical media converters 100Mb with the ability to use technology, multiplexing WDM. Optical transceiver SFP, GBIC. Ability to produce optical transceivers are compatible with equipment Cisco. Ability to use WDM, CWDM, DWDM data transmission networks.

Social Networks

The unstoppable rise of social networks has revolutionized the way of communicating of millions of people, even affecting the shape of work (or seek employment). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jack Fusco. Not only is Internet and e-mail, but that networking has taken over our lives, through social networks, videoconferencing, through mobile connectivity, instant messaging the so-called generation it was born and developed in full information age and telecommunications. The communication is therefore completely natural through these instruments, unlike that in previous generations, which in some cases have adapted more or less well, and others have simply rejected the technology or have learned to use a minimal part. Tools of connectivity and networking that we have today adopted an infinite number of varieties, and even some are focused on some specific segment. Thus, millions of people come together every day to Facebook (has some 150 million of) users around the world) and some 3.5 million in Spain, which is widely used for over 30 years to connect with former classmates or friends of children, which allows them to create a network of contacts that can be very interesting face in search of employment. Barack Obama used abundantly the possibilities that offered technology in its campaign, using media such as Youtube and Facebook to connect with some part of the electorate; This last is said that he spent about half a million dollars in the last phase of the campaign). Similar to number of users Facebook is Myspace, although this has a certain cultural orientation. In Spain the Tuenti network, takes the lead with five million users, although its users tend to be younger, aged between fifteen and twenty-five years, and currently can only be accessed via an invitation from another Member.

There are other specific networks for specific topics. On labor issues, perhaps the most known it is Linkedin, with over 25 million users, and in which we can let us know in professional circles, contact other users who can contribute their knowledge, and ultimately, get in the labour market. On the other hand, through instant messaging connectivity also allows increasing productivity (if used properly), since we can get answers in real time and make conferences with multiple users, through text, or video conferencing. Programs like Microsoft Messenger, or Skype, are revolutionizing our way to connect us. Also are very much in vogue the connections via mobile, due to great flexibility provided by (everyone carries always mobile), the increase in the power of the Internet connection (with networks 3 G and successors), and the increase of benefits offered some handsets, such as the Iphone or the Blackberry famous. All these possibilities offered by technology can provide fabulous solutions than us simplify work (connectivity, teamwork, productivity), provided they are well used.

General Director

For many companies, for example, was the discovery that official translation from a developer perspective, the standard – recognized by him, and not registered by the authorized state bodies, with a blue seal, notarized, recommended, made certification company. “Annual Seminar on Standardization, organized by the” Normdoks, “was rightly be called a platform for education and training of Russian companies,” said Stanislav Kim, General Director of “Normdoks” – “Just as in the past year we have decided to support the national organization and make the event free for participants. We do not do politics, we – the practice of supporting the real sector Russian economy. It should be noted that the activity of participants, compared with previous years, increased several-fold: the number of questions asked, it was suggested, live discussion show that Russian specialists are ready to develop, operate under the new conditions – this is good news! Increased and the number of the speakers at the seminar for the first time took part in such organizations, Moody International, representatives of the API in Russia, Det Norske Veritas and Certification Association “Russian Register”. This year we also conducted an online seminar broadcast via Twitter (), so that everyone can read the abstracts, listeners’ questions and answers to them. Discussion workshop is in the Community and users of foreign standards (). We thank all participants and speakers, and invite all interested to attend our next event: an anniversary V International workshop on standardization is already planned for 2011.

Successful Professional

The Argentina economy transits through periods of boom, expansion and development. Its GDP (gross domestic product per capita) has remained in a stable manner and on the increase in recent times for its more than 41, 5 million residents, in spite of the international financial crisis, becoming one of the countries which reflect minor impairment of their macroeconomic indicators. In this respect there is no doubt that Argentina, together with Brazil and Chile, offer one panorama that auspicious in South America. Hence it is appropriate and proper thinking to prepare in this important profile of present and future through management courses in Mendoza, now in his own city, without having to move to other places. And it is through these courses offered by an academic institution as it is the Knowledge Foundation, you may get the support of nested training programmes to be categorized as private Institute of vocational training to the Directorate of education Private, put another way, can count with the title right, but more than the title will have the preparation that will make it suitable for exercise and to face the challenge of these complex times and who claim the maximum of professionalism in the activity of business administrative management.

A company may have a production line of latest, highly efficient production systems, but if not backed by a proper administration management will pull the full potential available to overboard. In today’s terms it is common to find companies that demonstrate growth and rise of their productive activity, but the sword of Damocles hanging over their head if they have no effective administrative activity. Reach efficiently manage the resources of a company using the bit of schemes that transform unproductive expenditures and increase earnings is aim of every company that strive for a successful place in the economic landscape. And is that much showing growth of its activity productive if not it is accompanied by a widely competent administrative activity to count with the necessary elements to meet this challenge, productive boom will escape and break the balance cost-benefit of business activity. And this situation will end with the presente of a potentially successful business today with direction to the failure by not having staff trained in techniques of administrative management of the present times. Not enough brilliant intellect of a group manager of a productive activity if not accompanied by this management that support this successful way, and this reality passes by having the contest an administrative activity that achieved financial equilibrium, optimal use of their assets, increase in profits, respect for legality and payment of existing tax measures, the precise handling the accounting activity, and within this balance between assets, resources, unliquidated and accounts receivable, inventory of raw materials and finished products, and even more, escaping scope and purpose impose ourselves when we aspire only to point out the fundamental need for qualified and suitable staff to exercise administrative activity and this just is achieved with the training you will have as a graduate of management courses in Mendoza who may pursue in the Knowledge Foundation. If you found this article interesting, share it on your website. You can post it on your blog or send it by mail.

Joo Robert

Autoresponder it is an electronic secretariat that can work for you 24hs per day, 05 days per week and 30 days for month giving e-mails of its product or service for the people who will be able to interest and to buy. E-mails of autoresponder can be planned for day,4 …… and thus successively these e-mails are sent for the people who had inscribed in a form of its page of the site or page of capitura. With autoresponder we can make accompaniment of the white public motivating and giving more information detailed of as to have a business, product or service. Frequently Chuck Berry has said that publicly. What it is more interesting is that you can enter in contact 100,200,1000,2000 people automatically without to have that to order e-mails manually. Autoresponder it offers the chance to have access to a list people who enter in the data base and with this you can consequentemente construct to relationships with the personalized messages and its credibility front to its white public. What she is necessary to understand that we have that to send e-maiils in one definitive interval of time so that the people they are not chateadas for receiving e-mails giving to a sensation from presso.para an action, being that the true objective of the messages of autoresponder is to leave the people the will and motivated by more information. Much success Joo Robert. Learn more at: Sinclair Martial Arts.

Industry Equipment

Well, except that our pure, Russian method – a fist on the equipment! Well this is a joke. Almost. Next step we can assume the appearance of complex tm "Granite". This was a complex computer information. He had his own computer, fast and permanent memory, monitors for information display.

Specially created for him software, and many other innovations, in other non-successful . Its name "Granite", at least with regards to ip, it is completely justified because of its weight and dimensions. Stood firm! And hung up often. Although the terms of its manual, then it's pretty successful designs. A small number of modules, each module is responsible for its function (TI, tc, TU) – make it fairly easy to maintain. And to the same enterprise "Granit" sufficiently reliable to work and rarely gives trouble. Apply mp and now, though information from it comes not at the "native" ip and the modern robot controllers and servers.

Suffice it to prescribe a protocol of "Granit". And although amount of information is not large (the standard version – 64 tc, 32 ti, 16 W), for not more substations in the power this equipment has been successfully applied. And of course, despite the fact that some types of equipment listed above still find applications in the industry – it's yesterday. The same "Granite" is not standing still. There are also more modern for its development. The equipment becomes more compact, more flexible and more emphasis is placed on software. Modern ip currently is a server with advanced software, and kp looks increasingly to the computer configuration that can be easily changed in Depending on the application.

Factory Company SAMSUNG

As the press service of ARM, the Korean firm Samsung Electronics, which is one of the leaders in mobile devices, has licensed proprietary software Mali-SVG-t for use in a multitude of its ustroystv.Tehnologiya SVG-t (Scalable Vector Graphics Tiny) is focused on processing vector 2D-graphics and allows you to use a single standard across devices, regardless of the platform, the display and its resolution. Development of Mali-SVG-t meets the specifications of SVG-t 1.2 and optimized for the chips architecture ARM. It can also take advantage of graphics acceleration technology, OpenVG, which is fully implemented in graphics chips ARM Mali, including the latest. We add that the recent focus on working with API OpenGL ES 2.0 and have the support of all relevant technologies, including pixel and vertex shaders, as well as the acceleration of Flash and Java. Mali-Mali-200 and 400 are able to provide a 4-fold edge smoothing without loss of performance and process up to 16 million polygons, or 275 million pixels per second. SAMSUNG company was founded in the early 30s of the 20th century in South Korea. Initially, the company founder Lee Bong-chul has called her "Star (Samsung Trading Company). In 1969 he opened a Korean-Japanese Factory Company SAMSUNG – SANYO electronics, where the assembled fans, radios and televisions for the Japanese B & W license.

In 1973 he merged the two companies: SAMSUNG and Semiconductor Co, which served as the launch of washing machines and refrigerators. The following year, SAMSUNG completed construction of its own plant to produce appliances and electronics. Today, SAMSUNG electronics is no exaggeration – the largest global leader in semiconductor and telecommunications equipment, and also in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics. SAMSUNG offices are located in 59 countries in their efforts involved more than 77 thousand employees.


Before all these and other facts that devastate our society. Vivemossem borders? The propaganda obeys some general principles separately that can be applied in set or. Between them we elencamos: – The simplification, that is the formula use that they always obey a clear and concise form, as in a slogan; – Concentration, that consists of focusing one ' ' inimigo' ' only, responsible for all males; – Ampliaoe disfigurament, that consists of deformardeliberadamente manipulating the information for torn-laacessvel to intellectual a low-level public or for the ideas of the opponent; – Saturation, or untiring repetition of the central subject until this acquires the appearance of unquestionable truth. Osresultados positive of the propaganda alone if constructs from basic umamatria-cousin who inhabits in slight knowledge rudimentary conscientious einconscientes gifts in the totality of the population, or in specific pontossociais. The limit of its efficiency if measures for capacidadede to correspond the preconceived opinions and the archetypes. Factors deinmeras orders can intervine in the practical one and the effectiveness of the propaganda. Its results, however, depend on the degree of information and capacidadecrtica of the public the one that if destines. Assimentendemos that the freedom of spreading of pluralistas ideas and aeducao are optimum antidote for the manipulation of the propaganda and ocontrole that the great interests politicians exert on half the decomunicao. Assimnos we pautamos in the social conditions that afflict in them and in them they become not seise less human, but with bordering certainty and that in ours menteainda inhabits the field of the incoherence and unpreparedness. that the mind possesss more borders of what never.

Luta Online

The amount of information, subjects and subjects online grows each day to an untiring rhythm, few is the substances that do not approach online, then when the subject if deals with games, one of the preferred activities online of many cibernautas, the growth is exactly brutal. The fight modalities have come to grow sufficiently in itself and this makes with that it is also of the games more looked online. The games of Fight allow that the players of interactiva form, to fight in ringue, the street, or other places against one or some adversaries of each time. This sport has evolved in game form since the videojogos of fight where if it played for cassette, for the times of today, in a new phase where already it is possible to also play online and of form gratis. The fight games had always been part of the list of preferred games of many youngsters and even though some raparigas, now are in the universe online with all its mstica and it one would pancadaria available for any that has access the Internet. The new concept applied to the games online of fight, where if it can carry through true matches of martial arts, conquered an enormous legion of eager players to know who will leave winner and worthy of you would honor them to all. Olmpicos games also are gifts in the vast universe of the fight games online. Judo, boxe, kickbox, taekwondo, muay thai, mma, and many other styles of combat that take the fans of these styles directamente to attend the combats, with all the philosophy of honor, obedience and reverence to the masters and the old philosophical values promoted by the martial arts.

In the same way, these martial arts can be taken for enclosures for bullfighting of street or total different universes as the Internet. When trying a fight game online lives in a different way the emotion and adrenalin that costuma to feel when attending in the television or the living creature, but of this time who is in ringue you are you. In the Top Online Games you find all the types of games to play online of form gratis. It comes to try the Games of Soccer, Games of Cars or Games of Shots between many others.

November Pupil

Brazil still possesss low index in the digital inclusion, not being still common to find Internet and lap tops in the public schools. But the Wallets of Informatizadas Lesson are another newness, idealized and the sales already to some years behind, but in the next years we will only be able to come across with this innovation in the classrooms of all the sectors. They continue being used as conventional wallets however with an aggregation more, the conventional table turns a table with an inlaid computer. An advance for the security of the equipment. The blackboards also start to be digital. These already can be found in use and promise advances in the classroom with much interatividade.

Being able to add other new technologies, as the Tabblet, a type of informatizada plane table hardwired the digital blackboard that it allows the professor to pass information to the pupils of any point of the classroom that it will be, and softwares of reality 3D that they provide immediate interest on the boarded subject. Digital certificates arrive to speed in the delivery in the document. They can instantaneously be printed matters with paper of authenticity security and originalidade in the end of the activity where the participant concluded. 5. CONCLUSION Was possible to verify, through research carried through for the creation of this article, that the Education is renewing its methodologies and concepts next to the NTICs. That we are in continuous development and having today a great technological advance in the sector of the Education with some existing resources of computer science already. The technology comes to give to greater support to the professor and better education to the pupil. But not leaving of side the basic paper of the educator ahead of the technology and educating, where the true educator is that one whom he knows to lead its pupil in the search and in the access to the necessary information in way that can guide it in the process knowledge construction, interacting with its pupil while human being that it has sensitivity to perceive and to take care of to its necessities and the personal interests – task that the computer cannot play .