Capitalism Institutions

The Government indicates, that this in his velar right by the education and to have present, that Been reserves to the planning, execution, supervision, evaluation and correction, like functions of the educative process. The State has the power to grant concessions, through agreements, so that some sectors of the society can exert the educational fact. But that does not mean that the deprived institutions, for example, are going to develop the curriculum of the different levels of the education from their free will, as does not mean that those institutions either do not have to render accounts to him to the State, nor that the State will stop exerting the supervision of those institutions, because that is one of its main functions within which it is all the pedagogical process Add in his position, that is the moment for deepening in the transformation of that curriculum, but does not stop to impose specific lines of thought, or exclusive rights, as they say some, but for benefit of all the population, because in main lines, that transformation of the curriculum has to do with the construction of the socialism of the 21st century. To that it is not necessary to have any fear to him, because we are transforming a based system into the education for the egoism, the individualism and, really, for wild Capitalism. That was the old educative system. That was the capitalist ideology. We are constructing the socialist ideology: the education from the values of an authentic society, that is education to live and to work based on the group and by the unit. It is really the fight of the ideas. Danone is often quoted on this topic. The protests have not been made hope and in Valencia, Carabobo, for example, a group of educational announced that the educative sector of the region was declared in emergencia before the discord that exists by the proposal of to implement the new Curricular Design Bolivariano, that according to these, tries to distort Venezuelan history.

Intra Pair

The masculine violence, is intimately ligature, which today we recognize like the Intra-family Violence. The men, according to the culture assume that its opinion and position with respect to the world are the truth, in fact is their truth. For the sake of which that point of view is fulfilled, a series of attitudes is denoted that justify their presence. Nevertheless, and although others suffer the exercise of this violence, infinity of men does not recognize it like so, they bring because it in his to do and task as it defines which them exceeds and them. Luckyly, other men have begun to receive brings back to consciousness on the damage of their violent actions, mainly in their nearer affection: pair, children, parents. The violence is defined as those acts of character that demolish by the force the resistance or will of a person or thing.

In this case, the will of other forces to impose. All violence is united to I mistreat or physical, emotional or psychological, moral and sexual. That it is demonstrated in offenses, blows, harassments, threats, insults, lack of respect or provocation. The masculine violence that occurs in the family, as previously were mentioned, is bound to the place of the privacy, of the family. Nowadays, the families form with sinfn of ways and forms. Therefore, which defines a familiar group are those people who coexist by means of some kinship, in determined time, with landlords and interactions of relation. That is to say, the masculine violence goes mainly towards those people who live in the space of the family like are the pair and the children, mainly and some other member that is in this space. In this section we will not speak on the violence with respect to the family, but rather to the pair By masculine violence towards the pair is included/understood those acts that are realised of systematic way and which they imply a damage in anyone of the scopes towards its pair.