Jose Antonio

-DIME Miguelito far more exciting whats? The most dramatic is when the boss me communicates you played palaces, i.e. when it communicates that I operate is intense, boundless, you muted, it hypnotizes you, me left me silent, static and the more exciting when I opened my eyes in the ICU and discover that it was already operated do understand Jose Antonio?, sorry I’m crying is that – No, No, quiet Miguelito, I understand the excitement – he said the Cure – to discover my dressings, I knew that was operated and I wanted to scream and screamed, giving alive to God, doctors nurses I looked surprised, was my promised land father, it was my salvation, my second rebirth, my third birth – if Miguelito I understand, I’m glad there say that you are very brave is? Not for nothing, is a generous compliment from the human point of view, strokes of bravery and courage were Morales, were in the inner fortress, I rejected not the pain, assuming it, accepted it, is inevitable, it is a reality, you have to live with that suffering, I know by my Christian formation, that God allows pain and suffering while respecting our freedomthe causes of my tragedy were errors and human horrors, not divine punishment, nor payment of any sin, I trusted, had faith – is true it faltered – in the end the pain I used to ponder my existence, matured and strengthened my ethical growth and spiritual, of course I cried, I confess that we suffered a lot, not only me, but the entire family, which wanted to throwing in the towel, even already working at 50% of what normally worked, it depressed me, screaming, but that instinct of the sacred me reassuring, was a long struggle lasts, Dios do exist? He dared to ask, where is God?, he exclaimed often, it is not easy to father but maybe there had some courage. -How well Miguelito? It is a courage and great courage, accepting suffering and not reject it, is courage to recognize that the drama is because of you, in my case the not I realize that he was ill, therefore having received transfusions in 1989, there was the danger of being infected by the Hepatitis C Virus like that so it was finally. Is courage to use this long martyrdom, Calvary and grief, to meditate, to your self assessment and even convert you is courage spend months and years, suffering in waiting list, where each time that it sounded like the phone, biological tissues and spiritual is disarmed easy speak, write, advise but go live it and accepts all this!, it is very difficult, and to do this you need inner strength, courage, that only gives you the faith – think the nurse wants to talk about us – Jose Antonio – Si, father told me, is my drugs – well Miguelito, pray a dozen time, rests and returns to society with that faith..