The Beach

Posted August 15th, 2011 by Sandra

Arrival date the miracle occurs, usually by late afternoon or evening, the arena of the protected area starts to shake slightly to eventually sticks his head out of the first turtles he has achieved, newborn, remove the sand covers it, digging the way to life, driven by all his brothers and sisters who follow him … and after that first, that burden on their weak fins the titanic effort, go out more and more followed the heads, fins and bodies of their brothers and sisters until finally these only 60 inches square beach sand covering the nest are a hive of small replicas of his giant mother. Sitting in the sand, hoping this "birth of the earth" this explosion of life from the first fight his way a few inches away from us is an indescribable experience … As indescribable apprehension was felt when, guided by our lights, are submerged and disappeared into the dark waters of the Caribbean. Of all the incredible multitude of little things that crept and worked on the beach that night covering the sand with a shifting tapestry five or six years ago only a small percentage should be alive today, and this small percentage, unfortunately, will be minimal over the 30 years required for these tiny titans reach adulthood and sexual maturity that will take them back to the beach where they hatched to lay the seeds of the next generation.

Here lies the importance of this race, it takes 30 years for a small turtles become a father or mother reproductive conditions, 30 years of travel and migration, to find food, avoid hazards, natural and we sow in their way as derelict fishing nets and drifting in the form of oil spills and all kinds of toxic substances or in a plastic bag can try to eat turtles mistaking them drowning or jellyfish poisoning as the plastic substance that they are unable to digest. Thirty years of daily struggle in an environment increasingly hostile, so it is necessary to perform studies like this, in order to fill the gaps that still exist on many important aspects of the lives of these endangered species in the understood that to the extent that these gaps be overcome will be better able to protect … of us … By the time Billie is ahead in the race, at the time of this writing lacked even 252 miles to reach their destination in the Galapagos, but we better not get carried away by emotions sports, Billie, its competitors and all congeners are in this race: the race for life, from many more millions of years that we carry in our absurd race to destroy it and I'm sure Billie does not care what position arrives for her as for any other sea turtle or any member of any of the already too many endangered species important thing is to get … and naturally his duty: to reproduce and contribute their little grain to the conservation of the species …. That different from us right? …

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