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As this process is made, what his bureaucratic bodies, and what are the complexity and cost of the passage of each step and support the whole process – all this determines the overall cost of maintenance. Process processing the application by a whole series of works by recording, tracking, analysis query, a decision by, implementation, verification, and closure. The implementation of the application requires a number of decisions heads of various departments and information sharing among stakeholders about the objectives and the work performed. One option to support this process will be its implementation by internal regulations of the organization, but we should not forget that to keep track of their performance is necessary to spend additional resources. And still there is no guarantee of exact compliance, it is so great tempted to step back a little from the rules.

Consider the common scenario of a request to change the iso. For example, a user encounters a problem, solve that alone is not able to. It tolls for developers and reports about it. The problem is recorded and then analyzed, and if there is a possibility of it as something to avoid or solve the 'peaceful' means, ie without change in the source code, the decision and adopted. If in the foreseeable future search for detours are inconclusive, it will probably need to modify the software to address the identified problems. The head determines the volume of work, assigns responsibilities and timelines performance. After making changes, they are tested, and the new version is sent to users.

The problem is closed. Organization or a more complex chain of activities is in itself a difficult task, requiring a clear regulatory action sequences. (Source: Michael Steinhardt). The usual pattern for non-formal maintenance process – an expert on the system spends much of his working time to communicate with users phone, an explanation on the exploitation of software. In this case, the information received, at best, is fixed in the Excel-file and as far as patching is removed, and at worst – all written on scraps of paper, periodically to empty-handed. There is a waste of time qualified, in addition to this there are difficulties with the planning work to address the comments. At the head there is no complete information on the identified defects, there is no aggregate statistics on the observations that have already been fixed or still need to be addressed. Who in such cases, setting priorities? Developer himself. He accepts the comments and decide what to do First of all, and that move for later. It should be a very responsible person who is a fan of his work. Currently there are no observations of the shaft, and the firm has only one or two clients, working with the MoE, with this you can still somehow be reconciled, but when volumes increase, required a radical solution to the problem. Need a tool that will make the transparent support, will maintain the necessary organization of works by inhibiting waive rules and requiring more effort to manage the process, and, of course, it should store all the data in one place for quick and easy access commands support – from the head up to the programmer. Thus, through quality maintenance products: regularity, efficiency, attention to service and support software products. Maintenance should ensure maximum efficiency software. In contrast to the project, which is implemented in a certain period, maintenance is a continuous process. In addition, maintenance requires not only domain knowledge but also experience implementation.