The Japanese

Many foreigners have come to our country with nothing but faith in themselves, even some without knowing the language. What about us?, Why we can surpass the foreigners?. I think the answer is very visible. While we are still looking for the holidays, aliens open their business and other normal day, not us, is day off!. Conventional look a Sunday, we prepare the food for watching football, while Americans spend the day in repairing your car, mowing the lawn, paint the house. The Japanese spend this day working in his garden. We no, it’s Sunday and apologize that “nobody works.” The obligation of every business is nothing but generate money, is to keep working and educating our employees.

Employers today are looking for an opportunity to withdraw money from their businesses, while the Japanese businessman reinvested to create more and more quality. This is how Japanese companies grow multimillion with poor entrepreneurs. The difference between the salary of a Japanese worker and president of the company is 8 times, while in our countries, this ratio is 20-1. Our employers want to become millionaires on the second or third year of starting your business. Once a director of a company was a young candidate for interview. When the young professional man presented its wage demand content: I require a salary of $ 120 thousand, a company car, an office secretary, vacations twice a year and a major medical expense insurance. The manager told him: Do not worry girl, you win $ 150 000, will have the best company car at your disposal, your office will be located next to the director, have two secretaries to assist him with any claim, your holiday twice per year and paid a special bonus, and of course, has the health insurance. The young man with great admiration question: Am I kidding?. The manager replied: As you started!. So are the employees and employers today, we reap the benefits without having sown, where in the case of other nations like Japan, employers and their employees waiting patiently and working.