The Revolt Of The NERDs

How many times we were reasons of jokes inside of the school? how many times we were criticized by our intaligencia? Dislocated for taking off notes good? ignored by ' ' populares' '? For proper experincia I answer: many times. One day the world will be ours, therefore today we are called aberration for the classmates and bizarros for oldest, paparicados for the professors and ' ' queridinhos' ' of the director. We leave our colleagues in hating when we speak and we know (in contrast of them) that we are not more than nimgum. Recently Jack Fusco sought to clarify these questions. I am not nerd because they tacham me to the others of this. I am nerd (and c.d.f) because I am thus same. Justification: it is not alone because we are intelligent that we do not hear rock.

We do not smile. We do not namoramos. We are not happy. Yes! We make everything this and a little more because in contrast of what much people also think nerd he is human being.